Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Wailin Storms : "One Foot In the Flesh Grave"

Right from the opening croon of Justin Storms this album proves itself to be darker and more melodic than the "Shiver" ep we reviewed earlier this year. When Storms puts more balls into it he of course will draw comparisons to Danzig, who announced he is going to be retiring from touring , so somebody has got to do it. Just in time for Halloween it has enough evil creep in it to accompany the dead leaves and the howl of wind the autumn brings. There is more of a drone to the punk tinged "Ribcage Fireplace" . They push things in an even more punk place when picking up the pace for "Mystery Girl". There is a coat of noise around the songs edges putting them in the zip code of bands like Destruction Unit.

The re-verbed out guitar cries out against the sluggish strum of " Walk" and no, it's not a cover of the Pantera song. It's like a rawer version of what Dax Riggs did in his garage rock days with Dead Boy and the Elephantmen. Their is a very down trodden lyrical sense thrown against the songs explosive energy that is releases in deliberate pulses. They pack  more sonic propulsion to the kick their  brand of cow-punk on "Lost". His vocals break from a croon into more of a punk shout. It breaks down int drums  and feedback almost creating a "Bela Lugosi's Dead" vibe. They grow even more rambunctious on " Light as a Feather Stiff as a Board". On first listen this brawler of a song , brushed past my attention with it's punk intensity.  The vocals are spat back and forth from a croon to more of a punk shout.

They close the album with more of a stomp with "German Fur Tails". The guitar cuts with a sharper metallic jangle. He croons more than shouts on this one leaving the guitar to provide all of the abrasion. While the opening song might make you think this is going to plow the pumpkin patch more than it does , Overall they attack these songs with all the power of punk with some dark and noisy atmosphere shaking the bats from the Bellfry. I'll give it an 8 and see if it is something I find myself returning to. If you have grown out of your Misfits albums and looking for something to move on to then this is worth your time.

If you are in the Athens area they are playing the Caledonia on Thursday.

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