Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Tonight: Rasputina at the Earl in Atlanta

For our readers who live in the Atlanta area it's time to break out the clove cigarettes as Rasputina rolls into the Earl tonight. I can't think of another show this week that will capture the spirit of Halloween as well as Melora and company. You might have gotten a taste of the Transylvanian concubines at Dragoncon this year, but this is going to be  one of their most intimate performances to date. Expect to hear your favorites from their 96 debut “Thanks For the Ether” since Carpella Parvo one of the original cellist from that album is re-joining Mellora Creager. This tour is also going to be the first for the band that will feature piano and beat boxing courtesy of Luis Mojica, taking the place of drums.

They are touring in support of their new album “The Stranger” which came out April of this year. Some of the normally fanciful lyrics are now veiled metaphors for Mellora’s experience of being stalked on the internet, which serves as the cathartic inspiration for the album. While saying “Expect to see it on my top 10 best of list” could best sum up my review of the album, You can read my full review of “ The Stranger” here…  http://abysmalhymns.blogspot.com/2015/07/return-of-steam-punk-queen-rasputinas.html
For those of you not as versed in the band and are wanting more of the glimpse perhaps you caught at Dragon-con or are just looking for something to do tonight don’t be fooled by the cellos as they have been known to step on the distortion pedals and crank out covers of Heart and Pink Floyd. Creager was also the cellist for Nirvana’s last tour of Europe. The band has shared the stage with everyone from goth royalty such as Ms. Siouxsie Sioux and Marilyn Manson to Les Claypool and Porno For Pyros. So the cellos will be much louder than you might imagine. Creager was dressing in victorian garb years a decade before steam punk became a thing and songs like Transylvainian Concubine will put you in the mood for the spookiness that follows this weekend. If you are an old goth like me then this is just business as usual like the other 364 days of the year, but if you are looking launch your Hallowed weekend into full ghastly gear then get to the Earl at 8:30 when doors open to get your drink on. Daniel Knox opens and it’s only twenty bucks at the door.

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