Friday, October 16, 2015

God Module : "Prophecy"

Dark ebm with distorted vocal that typify the post-90s industrial. There is plenty of Skinny Puppy influence , but their moments most suited for the dance floor. Its aggressive without being heavy as metal. Production wise everything is on point. The vocals sit where they need to and the beats are dirtied up enough to not sound poppy. Dancing does seem to be their purgatory on 'Second Coming" that follows.  The vocals begin to come across more like a coarse whisper on this song. Much like death metal they are just a static layer adding rhythmic emphasis rather than melody. Despite the disco hi-hat the beat has a harder punch to it on "Secrets". It might just be the way they interact with the music but the vocals have a little more of a slither to them.  A dark anthem for goth clubs in the wee hours before last call.

"Endless" feels a few degrees darker . The vocals come more to the fore front and the effects change up a little to make the lyrics less garbled. Their is a little more glitch to the otherwise straight forward pulse of "Abduction" which finds the probing to be a rather up beat affair, with a lighter synth melody ringing out  to the children  singing we don't exist. There is a little more elegance and dramatics to the beginning of "We Are Legend" that reminds me a little of a slower version of  "Just Can't Get Enough" by Depeche Mode. The vocals don't come in til a minute and a half in. There is a slight hook to the synths.

The pace picks up with "Deceit" racing along with a less slinking groove. This feels much more like dark wave , just without the pretension. It is not the most original song on the album. What you see is what you get when it comes to their songwriting they ride the one beat out for the majority of the song adding and taking layers to build the chorus when it comes. Their is a more militant feeling to "Red Ribbons" which over all is one of the albums darker songs. Its the synth melody that changes to form the chorus as the beat drones on. The close out the album with "Transform".  This song gets off to a more pulsing start with some harsher layers of distortion coating some of the synths. They sound like guitars , but I am pretty sure that is just the effect they are going for. I'll give this album an 8 its pretty solid dark dance music with an aggressive undertone, but the wheel for this kind of thing has not been reinvented here.

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