Sunday, October 18, 2015

Powermad : " Infinite"

One of my favorite thrash bands was not in the big 4 and aside from a slight appearance in "Wild at Heart" got little recognition in their hey day. I'm going into excepting the fact it's not going to be "Absolute Power". Coming out of the gate on this they prove they can still play fast, but playing fast was not their strength even back in the day it was their song writing . They wrote songs that show case Joel Dubay's voice well without being too power-metal. Its not until after the barked verses that he sounds like he did back in the day. He screams his highs a little more and the band seems focused on being heavier rather than better. He finally sings more on "Forest" which despite keeping a similar pace it slows down enough to connect melodically. They get even faster on "My Day of Demons" touch on a few cool chugs thrown in along the way if you don't miss them in the blur. He reaches for the heavens with a metal yodel at the end of the first verse and pretty much still has it. Which makes me wonder why is he not actually singing more? You guys can play blast beats now? Great so can hundreds of other bands.

He sings a little more on " Souls Descending", though some of the screams are a little more choke here. Another song that is a blur of speed until the chorus, and the the bass gets weird and proggy. At first I think "Wow, The drummer has really become more of a monster than he already ready was, but to the point of where I am not sure if it is really serving the songs." But then I realize it's Soilwork's drummer on board for this one. Its like of guys catch me if you can. "I Am Infinite" opens with a wall of double bass. The vocals are more upfront.  But at the point the speed of their speed metal is like their feet are going too fast for the body as they race down a hill. The falsetto screams are back, but it's his more mid range chest voice that I wanted to hear more of  and not just randomly shouting. The stumble over a groove here and there. But when you remember when every song was the best of both worlds trashing yet still melodic I am undecided if this is going to cut it, though more moments crop up as this song progresses.

Ok, I'm going to stop here and let you hear how high the bar is raised here When now you might understand why I might feel like "Hypocrite" feels rushed and the peircing notes are not placed in the song to create as dynamic of an effect. They slow down for "An Imperfect Day to Die" . This is a step in the right direction.It brings a better balance. I do think its interesting how putting out an album in a post- Pantera world has changed some of their tones to keep up with the times. They take on more of an Anthrax feel for " The World Is Turning Without You". The snare takes on the really straight ahead almost punk patter. The vocals are more stacatto than they are sung. They make up for this on the chorus. It is one of the album's better choruses. They hit more of a Meshuggah sound , but Dubay belts is out better than he has for most of the album. On one of the high notes around the three minute mark , he goes for it with knowing where the note will end up. So perhaps aside from the "Souls Descending " single four years ago he hasn't done much since 1989.Its a use it or lose scenario. But he pulls it off more often than not here. The songs have too similar for me just to accept the fact its heavier, but they are still a great band so I'm kinda split on this one I'll give it a 7.5.


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