Saturday, June 27, 2015

Fight Amp : "Constantly Off "

These guys have been around for a minute, this is their fourth album. By your fourth album you know what you are doing and doing it with perfected intention. What they are doing is Holy, Quicksand Rollins this album really brings it back to the 90s. The opener is much more Quicksand, I know some people get a little butt hurt when I compare them to other bands, but the solution is simple don't lean so heavily on your influences. "That's just what comes out..." is bullshit, sure things sneak into your subconscious. The grunge is every where it's colliding with Amp Rep bands.  There is some "Bleach" era Nirvana clunking in angst on "Leveling in a Dream". They pick up the pace for some more rowdy nastiness on " You Don't Wanna Live Forever", which is snarling violent punkish rock that finds a slacker melody to emote over the pummeling. This is a unique trick, but I don't think its my favorite one in their arsenal.  The heavier punches at the end of the song is that one's best moment.

The dirty metallic bass leads into the first guitar part that perks my ears up on " I Perceive Reptoids" . The angular nature of what they are doing here darkens things and the vocals benefit from the quivering effects they submerse them into. This is the first song I have been sold on from the get go. The vocals take on a Kurt Cobain yell before the song gives its last kick. This songs are short most under four minutes. "Happy Joyful Life" has a pretty powerful stomp to that hearkens back to Helmet, but with a more a dissonant shadow to the song.This album is really hit or miss. I think its a 7, but even then this is a little flat and drab for my taste.

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