Friday, June 12, 2015

Communions : s/t Ep

Things are changing for this band from Denmark, one change being The vocals are so androgynous that I had to check to see if they had switched singers.They do have a the tones and touches from the 80s pretty much nailed , though there is a certain indie punk apathy to it.There is the typical 80s beat to "Forget its a Dream". It has a pop streak to it , but it's an 80s pop streak to that is much better and the guitars are pretty solid even when they step on the wah. There is more of a "I'll Stop the World" rock feel to "Where ever" making it a more reluctant anthem.

By the time it gets to "Restless Hours" I'm sure it's a chick singing. They are never as dark as most post-punk, though I would say the label still applies to them. The guitar rings out like a cross between the Cure and the Smiths. There is a more longing tone to "Summer's Oath". The vocals despite being gender fluid try to be neither Siouxsie or Ian Curtis, so these creatures are doing their own thing. This song has movement, but enough restraint to keep it from falling into punk rock. I have notice traces of Sonic Youth cropping up in many new bands lately and it's here to in "Out of My World" it's mainly a guitar tone thing  and not how they play their instruments. I think there are both male and female vocals doubling on parts of "Out of My World". The vocals for seem reason seem more childish on this song and it grates on me a little. I don't mind how the phrase "you're so out of my world " is sung and the guitar melody is pleasing its just not my favorite song on this album. In some ways I might like the earlier work better , though these vocals are a bit more unique. They have really refined their guitar sounds which makes this album really easy on the ears.The vocals when they sound too much like a little girl or what Courtney Love might have sounded like in her high school band take away from what this album could be , but what it is is still impressive and the guitar playing really puts it over the top and sells me on this so I'll round it up to an 8, who knows how many more plays I'll get out of this. If you are tired of the same old same old from the post-punk revival this is what you need.

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