Monday, June 1, 2015

Diabolicum :" la pazuzu"

This is way heavier and more straight up black metal than Shining. The songs are up in your face , blasting away at time at other relishing the solos. On the first song I'm not sure how aptly the industrial tag fits these guys though they do use samples, then it begins to click into place more with the clanging behind them on "Silent Spring".  Some clean singing does come into play towards the end of this song, its almost choral and back in the mix. The are often at a very Watain pace and intensity through out the album, which is really the only other connection to Swedish Metal I hear.

There is a weird techno break in the middle of "Genocide Bliss", which I am fine with but for those of you who are more fans of early Shining and prefer Darkthrone on vinyl it might be too much for you. The Jim Jones samples might be more of your thing. The synth are pretty mean on "The Abyss of Shadows", as he growls through some over driven effects, but it's more of an interlude than a song. "One Man's War" drives straight ahead. The double bass sounds like it might be triggered. This sort of thing has come a long way since Fear Factory. The song slows into a more militant march.

They close out this beast with "Angelmaker" where the guitar is allowed to ring out on it's own with some mumbling beneath it for the first half of the song until they pound it into place with a half time groove that find the drummer wearing out his symbols before the shred fest begins. There is no question as to if these guys can play. Its not their first rodeo. This is actually their third album. Their first was released 16 years ago. I think this is worth rounding up to a 9 and see how it sits with me over the summer.

comes out July 7th on Code 666

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