Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Weekly Shuffle

Here's where I hit Shuffle on my iPod and review the first ten songs that pop up

"Shelia Take a Bow" by the Smiths, o.k the Lalas I have always found pretty silly , but like the flaming waltz on this and Moz's vocals sound great, like a very regal sashay , even if Johnny Marr was just sitting back on this one.

"the Conductor ( the Thin White Duke Remix) by the Faint, This is off the Danse Macabre remix album. Not sure what they think it has todo with David Bowie to be subtitled in such a way. Danse Macabre is my favorite album by the Omaha electro rock band as its their darkest. This has more of a gay house feel to it even without the Gloria Gaynor on it. But i suppose for dancing nonsense this is as good as anything perhaps better when you factor in the source material.

"Bye, Bye, Missy" by King Diamond one of the strongest songs off Them which I consider second only to Abigail when it comes to his solo stuff, though Mikkey Deewho now wastes his talents on Motörhead is really on fucking point on this album, thought he drum mix seems more sedate as the album goes on, this has a great guitar solo on it maybe the Heston the album. I like the riff before " I saw Missy struggling in Grandmas wrinkled hands." that tea made grandma pretty strong .

"Subterranean Inittiation" by Wolves in the Throne Room...some Epic woodsy hippie black metal from the Celestial Lineage album, this is one of the bands shorter songs at seven minutes and why they have not occupied more of a foothold on my iPod as their songs tend to be sprawling, though I always enjoy them when I hear them.i think they really have avoid grasp on the sonic element and though some might view them as hipster metal, I think they have enough Lord of the Rings to their sound to be for real even if they are into nature like Agalloch.

"Our work was Good" by Chelsea Wolfe, Well if you don't know how I feel about Chelsea Wolfe then you must have just started reading this blog. Unknown rooms took its time growing on means then this song took even more but I like the delicate interplay of piano and how her whispery vocals drift like the Cocteau twins in the background.

"Two Hearts " by Chris Isaak...He is dreamy...I mean has a great voice. Without Chris Isaak I could have not gotten over Roy Orbsion dying . He has on of the best falsetto registers outside of metal and despite this being tainted by occupying the trailer of too many rom comedies.

"Trajedy " by Christian Death, I have grown less opposed to Valor and the Sex Drugs and Jesus Christ album has become an argument in his favor. He's no Rozz Williams but Rozz is so goth he's dead. This isn't the best song on the album but it's still good and points out the fact that when they developed more of a cure sound they lost some of the punk edge but life's rough when you are drugs in L.A.

"I am the Future" by Alice Cooper, I love his new wave days. They occupy the same place in my heart that I hold for Vegas Elvis, Disco Kiss and Hair Metal Celtic Frost. The songs in all cases even Cold lake have a unique out of their comfort zone feel to them and work despite the bands missteps. For some reason metal snobs take less offense with Alice Cooper's phase and it is better than his cock rock Trash period.

"I am the Black Wizards" by Emperor, Most black metal bands from this era created more of a sonic drone from the storm of blast beats and the minimalist element of ambiance while Emperor let the chaos create an avalanche. Their wall of sound was more grandiose like the soundtrack to victorian horror movie.The keyboards with these guys always sit in the right place and Ihsahn's real singing voices rivals his growl, though he does have one of the best hateful raps in black metal.

"We Prick You" by David Bowie, I think " Outside" is an underrate album and Bowie's darkest. This song really defies for with the tell the truth vocal line holding it together almost like cyborg jazz for blade runner.

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