Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Horna: "Askel Lahempana Saatanaa"

The Finnish black metal band features members of Behexen and Sargeist formed in 93 as Shadowed and while they have a slew of splits and. E.ps this is their eighth studio album. Held in high regard on many a metal message board, these guys have few bells and whistles and play pretty raw straightforward black metal. Most of the songs ur together for me so in breaking it down to look at by a track by track basis will be a little weird. It opens with the title track which is at a more Burzum pace, the lo if drum sound paints it into that sort of corner, the vocals are angry but one dimensional and the guitar panned hard and fuzzy on either side. It doesn't take them long to run into some big sloppy blast beats and drunken battle moans. I like the momentum it gains as one of the guitars picks the chords out little more melodically. The more bestial the howl the more variance the vocal haven leeks of scathing intensity, some times they sound like a Neanderthal who is making a complaint to the suicide hotline. Do they play this with conviction that I am convinced of...yes are they breaking any new ground ...no.

Their is that classic black metal drone to the ambiance of the feedback in the way the guitars ring out and this is what lulls me into multiple listens. Sure "Kunmi Herralle, Kuninkaalle" sounds like a temper tantrum in motion. The riff a minute in hits a trashy sweet spot for me. The temper tantrum is tempered with a little groove to head band to where the same emotion allowed to run rampant on the next song sounds like a method out cookie monster trying to explain something during an anxiety attack. There are traces of death metal in their sound whether they like it or not mainly on the very straight snare patterns and the more a typical blast default settings. The drums do have a bit of thunder here and there.

"Yhdeksas Portti" begins to sound like the song before it and in side the blasts I hear the life expectancy of this album dismiss as I try to find what is separating this songs aside from a riff here and there a Knute and a half in. The vocals become more one dimensional as this album continues on and I find my self realizes this only on the fourth song. It makes me wonder if I'm asking too much and why these guys are held I such high regard and what does this say of the people who hold them there.

The riffs at the beginning of "Ei Aikaa Kyyneleille" could be more boring and repitious if they tried , the riffs are sinking in the production as the guitar looks for the openings as the drums gives them with the base lost somewhere on the mixing board. There are riff here and their but lone riffs doesn't makes a song . They just make a riff which is only as good as what it is connected to.

The ugh and the punch of the bass before it disappears are the only thing that separates "Karsimyksin Vuoltu" for. The other songs. It loses it blackness to blandness, the tremolo parts touch on a few wood notes here and there. Theres the feeling you are rolling through waves on the Baltic ocean and stumbling drunkenly across a battle feil. It those moments only come when the songs one cool part surfaces.

"Aamutahden Pyhimys" Is more straight ahead blasting I have heard a thousand times and unless.ayerdwith something intresting or transitioning into some intresting ns become boring to me when just left it it's own devices, I guess this is where the connect. Etween black metal and punk kids lies, we like boring repetitive fast playing which requires. I songwriting and little musicianship. The gods forbid it would be something you would have to think about.

The album closes with " Pala Tai Palvele" and "Ota Omaksei, Luoksesi" the song are pretty interchangeable and tread indentical ground fast blast tremolo pick , the latter goes into a little more of a gallop but. Itching to broaden their range any more than. A half step here and there.

I'm not the biggest fan of modern bands coming across raw and unproduced , though Cultes Des Ghoules certainly pulled it off well and when I have them in my iPod there isn't really room in my iPod to clutter it up with this sort of thing, so I'll give this album a four as its good white noise in the background and I guess a riff that stands out here and there is good enough for some people.

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