Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Last Temptation of Morrissey

So Morrissey cancelled the remaining dates of his North American most of these were rescheduled dates from previous cancellations. It was the third for my city , the first date cancelled because his mother was I'll, the second because he had a bleeding ulcer and now the third for health reasons where the diagnosis has varied depending on the source double pneumonia seems the consensus. At 53 he's not ancient, and considering his healthy lifestyle of the course of the 80s and 90s you wold think he would be more well preserved that his peers who indulged in those years. But oddly enough I feel a sense of relief. Each time I have seen him his voice is a little more weary and I think I want.

Another situation I have mixed emotions about are the rumors David Bowie touring to support his new album the Next Day , a great album but how would 66 year old Bowie hold up on the road? I think when I saw him at 56 on the Reality tour his voice was amazing and he seemd ageless but at 66, it's another story altogether. His voice sounds good on the new album, their are the fragile moments of cobwebs but he was smart in the studio and realized what he could and couldn't do. I recently went back and watched a compilation xfinity had of Bowie's Jools Holland performances and while Bowie was still smoking cigarettes on some footage which would effect his voice, it was pretty impressive how he handled the songs ten years ago, but I am afraid since he hasn't Used his voice on a regular basis, what his capabilities would be. So it's a catch 22, if he did I would get a second job or do whatever I had to do to see him as I have seen every tour since 87, so since I have seen him multiple times and have something to compare the experience to I almost prefer he didn't so it remains intact , all my thoughts of Bowie are maintained on the perfect untainted pedestal on which they sit. I don't care their is an entire generation who hasn't seen him as long as that remains intact. After what version would they be getting? I think Bowie is very conscious of this and hope he keeps making studio albums and retains his integrity and dignity.

Now the fate of Peter Murphy's tour might hang in the balance as he was recently arrested for a DUI in L.A. and the cops found methamphetamine in his car. Which at 55 as you can see below might lead to Murphy looking older than grand pa Munster. But another case where I might want the 97 run of the reunion tour to be the memory I hold dearest in my mind. Murphy has taken cues from Bowie over the years so he could stand for a lesson or two in class, sure I wanted Bauhaus to be dark and drugged when it was age appropriate but the aged rock star on drugs archetype loses its appeal as they lose their hair. Murphy's work is less demandingn vocally then Bowie's so I don't think it would be a question of could he sing it unless he dipped into certain portions of the Bauhaus catalogue. I have sources close to Peter Murphy which have said well its not the whole story. I never think the news tells the whole story. Most rock concerts cancelled because of exhaustion is a industry code for going to rehab and last minute illnesses are often hangovers gone wrong or other chemical mishaps. At the same time when I was doing drugs, my family was never like oh yeah Will left an empty Baggie in the car again, Becuase they wanted to remain I the dark about my problems. So we are going off the facts presented here, does he look like shit? Yes , so it's easy to assume he looks that way because of drugs rather than he has just let himself go.

So Morrisey, please stay at home get your shit together and give Johnny Marr a call before he reunites The The instead.I will write off the cancellations as you being a diva . I can take that even if I don't under stand why you have these problems since you were a vegan and straight edge and all that in the eighties it's not like you were David Lee Roth. Diamond Dave hav eating at Jack In the Box while you were eating tofu and he is strutting round like Some ones embarrassing dad just fine. I know you don't have management or a label deal and record labels are ting to pressure you about the Smiths thing. I feel the same way about the Smiths though don't think I don't , if you can't sing the songs please don't let me remember how you sang them on the solo tours I saw.

Metal heads don't think you are out of the woods on this in fact you are next, how much lower of a key can Sabbath move the songs into? King Diamond sounded pretty fucking good at Hell Fest but how much longer can he pull it off. Preist has bowed out before embarrassing themselves , now to keep them off American Idol. Next up the first waves of des and black metal will be hitting the golden years, Tom Warrior hasn't held up as well as Cronos but neither of them has anything demanding to do. How will the growl age? Glen Benton pulled it off but will he for the next ten years or are we going to start seeing those retirement tours in the next five years.

Some one asked why kick Peter Murphy when he's down? Why not just hope Moz gets to feeling better? In th case of Murphy if I am getting ready to shell out the bucks to see you then I'm sure how you think you are going to be able to give me my money's woth if you aren't taking care of your instrument , last time I checked alcohol isnt known for keeping the vocals chords hydrated and meth doesn't allow for the type of rest and recovery a singer needs on the road as for Morrissey let's do it with some style and class, let's maintains your legacy because as sad as it is one days that's all I will be left with.

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