Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Peste Noire - Lordure a letat pur

Ok finally got it done , maybe not the night i said i would but i'll write it off as being dragon-con week. Ok i'm going to skip right over the controversy and who used to be in the band , because i think the music is really all that matters here. This is a unique album in many ways, the french have made some outstanding black metal and experimentation seems to be their signature, there are things like drum machines on this that work in ways morbid angel could have only dreamed about, but it comes across here as something more dangerous like the ghettos' of paris roll with black metal gangsta's and i mean that in the most o.g. dr. dre way that doesn't imply metal metal. you know i kept reading these reviews saying haow the disma album had a filth to it , i neve heard it but here i dirty in a much different way, there is a sleaze to that makes you realize this guy famine is,'t fucking around and is more likely wearing a ski mask rather than corpse paint.
being from france their are some real edith piaf moments as well, it has the swagger of vaudeville, then there are beautiful moments of meticulously picked acoustic guitar before the slinky barrage cimes back in. the vocals are tortured and crazed with the expected rasp, their craze is no unlike that of sigh in more departments than vocals alone the high theatrics of controlled chaos run rampant over this album, the bass playings is a real stand out as traditional blakc metal bands the bass is very low in mix . i'm convinced , from the sampled gun cocking to the porn samples. their is more human perversity here than i remember hearing from any metal flavored album since the first mr bungle, . can't recommend this enough to the more adventurous black metal fans .

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