Saturday, August 27, 2011

calling you out ...monstro

when you are a metal head you can smell a poseur a mile away, their is a knowing they get it or they don't, the same goes for bands who want to market themselves as metal but aren't the real deal, there are some local guys with connections , brothers in bands like mastodon, sure they have put in the leg work with bands like torche, bloodsimple , skrew, .... ok skrew should clue you in as they put out a couple of good ones are descendants of angkor wat but largely a solo project armed with hired guns, which is what monstro reeks of hired guns , produced by alice in chains new singer , some of the band came out of band called piece dogs , who also spawned the drummer of sevendust ...a nu metal bands who lost it years ago, there's that element of trying to redefine your 90's alternative roots, so stoner metal is the target here, do you think any one on the tour with the sword and kyuss lives are going to be fooled? ok they guy from torche is in... they were heading into foo-fighters territory on their last album and that is what it reeks of , so very middle of the road bland and uninspiring , i'm sure you can find some distortion some where but not a pair 0f balls . would josh homme wipe his ass with this ? what would wino think? or steven von till ? not fucking much , this is a hype machine on a rampage and any one who buys into are the same people who would defend judas priest for appearing on american idol

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