Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Opeth - Heritage

So by now you know the album has leaked , and i will keep this brief because i doubt there will be a lack of coverage and there are more underground bands who deserve the space on here , an Opeth release can't be over looked though with this album there was a moment of questioning if i should include it on here as it's not really what would be considered metal. Prog -rock yes, and it was no secret Akerfeldt was abandoning the use of growled vocals. His clean singing is stronger , though not as rock n roll as he hinted in interviews he gave earlier in the year There are moments where the songs drive in a forceful manner like the 2nd half of " the lines in my hand" or the slight chug to folk lore, the first song that has really grabbed me, but unless i need repeated listens there are not many moments which reach beyond being heavier than their friends in Porcupine Tree, a non-metal band with a large metal following.
The jam band element often brings me to expect a " hello bonnaroo " in-between songs, the muscle in the bass playing keeps it from gong into total phish territory, the swing and groove to most songs overshadows the darker elements which were prevalent in Opeth's music almost making the first half of the album too happy for me, the last few songs it begins to darken. The rhythm section shines here, the drumming and bass playing take center in a way not unlike King Crimson or Tool. Fans of the Damnation album will feel comfortable with this one and love the acoustic intervals , but if you are looking for another " your arms my hearse" uh ...not so much . since it is so well done i don't think this is going to get the same kinda reaction Morbid Angel received and they will either lose more of their metal base and pick up the jam kids who where on the fence with them.

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