Saturday, August 27, 2011

the next level of hell

Ok , i am going to sit down tonight and bust out a review of the peste noire album, i need another listen to really approach the dirty beast. After a blazing summer, which heat for me makes metal harder to engulf myself in as every thing is already irritating me. now as the cusp of fall i feel another layer of discoveries are opening themselves up to me , a new album by an autumn for crippled children, and a new one from glorior belli, which has a late September release date, so i doubt that one will be popping up online anytime soon.
I also stumbled across Hypomanie's newest release which came out with very little fanfare to fade into an undeserved obscurity. while many bands get the post rock they actually deserve it and sound as if they might have spun daydream nation a time or two . Life post -dragon con always bears a certain bleakness the transient nature of my personal life high lights this so my sound track need to reflect this. i wish could find ash borer online but seems to be no luck , i might make another attempt to tonight. some people have suggested they are analog only. i know that's a trend in the hip underground to stay true but i have an 80 gig ipod classic i am slowly filling .
Last fm reminds me i need to give a forest of stars a harder listen, i am currently listening to a station based of an autumn for crippled children so stumbling across many little gems from bleak shadows of hell.
i am noticing alot of german and russian music in this vein doesn't do much for me like this band liam playing now why they are tagged with black metal i don't know , they have more in common with mogwai
all this is to say there is alot of review coming to this blog after the con- we'll kick things off with peste noire before the night is over

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