Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Mogwai : "Every Country's Sun"

I got on board with these guys back on "Come On Die Young". They have changed over the years. So have I. The opener of their new album is more familiar.  Post-rock before I remember hearing the term. They used to just sound good to get high to. I no longer get high, but I guess the drugs altered my perception enough that I listen like to listen to music that sounds good to get high, even without the drugs. The first song makes me envious of those who can do so. I am a little surpised y the vocals on the second song. It's not the first time they have used vocals , but it still takes me by surprised. They are light and breathy, would not sound out of place on a shoe gaze album so what you would expect The bass and drums hold "Brain Sweeties" together, not as strong as the first two songs, but still in range of their wheelhouse.

The atmosphere counter balanced the timid drug groove of "Crossing the Road Material" wich swells into the kind of beautiful post-rock these guys have become known for where they intensity it almost heavy in a transcendent manner. There is more of a kraut rock thing going on with the song that follows. While it sounds go the ambiance makes it feel more like an interlude than a song. "20 Size" is more organic and guitar focused. More soaring layers of guitar melody, this is want you want from these guys. The vocals come back in for "1000 foot face" it has more of a Pink Floyd sound. The atmosphere that opens up the very minimalist 'Don't Believe the Fife" make the song seems like a cloud slowly passing by. It does finally build up into more of a sweeping crescendo. There is more motion and substance to "Battered at a Scramble". The bass line is heft and the guitars kinda solo around in with a jammy yet fluid sense.

"Old Poisons" might be my favorite song as it starts off rocking harder than the others. It's that heaviness I often praise around here that is heavier sonically than it is metal. The drumming is outstanding on this one.  Midway into the song it has more of a Tool like break down that builds back up with the bass player riding it higher up on the neck, much less mathy or prog minded than Tool. They have a pretty stellar guitar tone on the title track that closes the album. The guitar melody is hypnotic yet melodic and coasting over the under current of wah wah noise. I'll give this album a 9 it's very solid and has moments of majesty that not only live up to the band's legacy , but build upon it. If you are a fan of this band you will fall in love with them all over again.

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