Friday, August 11, 2017

Hades Archer : "Temple of the Impure"

I am not remembering correctly the older album I used to own by these guys , but it seems like this album is finding the band from Chile taking a few steps backward in order to embrace a rawer sound. The album opens with a very Mayhem like blitzkrieg.They way the blast beat is hammered goes to show you that it won't take you long to figure out that this drummer is a fucking badass. Th rolls off the fills coming off the kit are as good as anything Pete Sandoval used to do. Notice I am referencing a death metal band here rather than a black metal band. Well the drumming is more death metal than black metal. I know these guys have covered Mortuary Drape in the past so that is an influence. However I would say they are a black metal band and not a blackened death metal band. More Venom like qualities of "Sex Sex Sex Perversions" work for me better than the more punk tone that starts off "Great Moon Tide".

It's the groove to "Hecate Undressed" that is absolutely bad ass.So much so it makes me ignore the fact that the vocals are almost just spoken.  The solo works really well to add depth and show how solos should work with the song rather than jack off around them. They can fall into the trap many bands that play at this velocity fall into, as they come close to tripping over themselves and rush past the chances to write an actual song. They are often a few accents away from making it work like old Deicide used to. The title track works off of the throb that flows better for them than trying to rush through the songs as they keep up with the insane double bass.

They slow down again for "Apollyon's Brightness" . "World Inheritance" feels like it is just an extension of the previous song so it has little in the way of it's own personality.Not sure I would say this is the band's best effort though there are some solid songs on here some even elevated themselves to being impressive. I'll give this album a 7.

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