Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Falaise : " My Endless Immensity"

Returning with a new album this band uses the  layers and dynamics of the composition to  sell "You Towards Me".  More of a post rock shimmer to them than any kind of raw emotive depressive black metal feel. "Crimson " almsot feels more like an interlude, but does a good job of making the most of the time invested in it and builds into a very sonic slice of heaven. The blasting buzz of "Dreariness" just by me in a dizzying blur and fades into becoming background noise. Granted the drone of even the best black metal such as early Darkthrone can enfold you in a white noise of sorts, but I feel it is being done here as it is not as focused on dynamics as some of the earlier songs on this album.

Granted if you are a band playing this kind of black metal Deafheaven is impossible to ignore. These guys are not pulling the most obvious page from the Deafheaven play book but there is something about the more indie rock like strum to the guitar on "Abyss" that does have more of the Deafheaven kind of feel to it. "Sweltering" might be one of the album's strongest songs as the guitar melody draws you in and the vocals have more of a convincing snarl to them. There is a darker majesty to "Pristine Un.." that draws me into it. The atmosphere has more of a true black metal feel to the synth sounds and is not trying to be post rock. The post-rock does return with more of a Explosions in the Sky feel to it's tenderness on the ten minute title track. These guys have been pretty good about not getting to carried away with long sprawling songs. I don't think the song should have ebbed all the way down. It makes it feel like two separate songs. When it dos kick back in it's par for the course when it comes to this type of black metal, so they are not redefining the process.

They did manage to capture some really interesting guitar tones on this album. So if you like post-rock , but are looking for something with more metallic teeth then this is worth your time. They take a more straight forward almost rock sound with their Amesoeurs cover of "Les Ruches" and build on it from there. Overall this album is solid and sounds great . I'll give it a 8.5 , though I am sure it might grow on me more if I were to give more spins. It comes out the 8th of Sept on a Sad Sadness Song.

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