Friday, April 14, 2017

Necrowretch : "Satanic Slavery"


This band cranks out something that is very loud and is not what typically comes to mind when I think of French black metal, if you told me these guys were from Finland it would have made more sense. It' the break of clean guitar that leads to the songs more impressive sections that show you they can do more they just come at you like wild animals. The guitar players have chops and are not just lashing out with density. The high impact battery of  "Tredeciman Blackfire" at times reminds me of "Hell Awaits" era Slayer.I would give the drummer props but how can he not be great and play in this kind of band. The title track is pretty hit or miss. The vocals are this band's weak spot for sure as they make all the faster heavier sections sound the same.

The blur continues to blast past you with the others songs and forces me to start listening for parts that don't sound like everything else that is being thrown at me. Like I often say these guys are good at what they do , what they do just happens to be one dimensional. "Bestial Rites" should be the title track as it sums up the over all sound of this album.  By the time I am at "Cure of Blasphemy" I have already begun to lost interest as there is nothing all that unique about what is going on here . So on "Verses From the Depths" what is the band thinking ? That they just need an 8th song? It goes into the more death metal blast beat that I don't like because it sounds to stiff.

So what do you need from metal? If you like heaviness with no other need for songwriting and melodies just pounding into at 140 bpms, then this might be that album for you. I need a little more from music than that as I have been there done there got the t-shirt . I'll give this album a 5.5 , if you just want heavy then round it up to a 6.

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