Saturday, April 1, 2017

buioingola : "Il nuovo mare"

This is an interesting project sometimes reminding me of Tombs older albums. They balance out the post rock parts rather than get lost in it. Some times the heaviness is done in a more typical blast beaten way and sometimes  they are handled with a darker creepiness. If you have read this blog before then you know which side I prefer. The vocals are more of a hoarse death metal roar. This band out of Italy does even on first listen get a few things right. The songs are fairly compact, though they could have turned into mammoth drone fests. At the three minute mark a more atmospheric side is shown. This fore shadowing opens a door to a side of the band that I think is their strong point. They really delve into the darker side to the best of their ability on "Irriconoscibile". I would not say it is in and of itself dark wave or industrial, but there are dark electronic elements to it.

"Attesa"finds them really bathing in the atmosphere, until it drowns the song and becomes more of an interlude. There is a wonderful darkness to "Eclisse" . This might be one of my favorite songs from the album. The angular breaks show these guys could turn this around into something great at any moment. In so doing they would be wise to dip deeper into these murkier shadows.  Their potential is somewhat squandered on the raw barbarism they beat their instruments with on "Silenzio". With multiple listens some of the roughness begins to make a little more sense and you can hear where the song is within all the coarse barking. As it approaches the midway point things take a shift when it goes into Cure like clean guitar.

The last song picks up where some of the moodier atmosphere of the previous song went into droning noise. The vocals are whispered and the instrumentation swells into more of a post-rock dream sequence. I'll give this a 9. It works really well and often finds itself entrenched in a very solid atmosphere. While black metal is one of the predominant metal ingredients this has a whole lot more going on.

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