Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Behavior : "Bitter Bitter"

Haven't covered much post-punk lately as none of it has really been of any note. In some regards these guys remind me of the Violent Femmes if Brian Richie was not such a champ on the bass. If Gordon Gano did not like gospel and got really depressed there might be a similar result. Two songs that follow run into one another. There is more energy to "Stupid Cherub" which is the first half of this collision. So it's when the song breaks down and then builds back up that the stage is set for "Song For My Sister". This montage of songs in collision occurs again with "Nice Cafe"  which turns out to be more of an interlude with "Civil Song" serving as the actual song. It reminds me of 90's indie rock.

The first song that really moves with the punk side of post-punk is "Topanga Keepsake" The frenetic energy of the song works well and the jangle of the guitar has more purpose at this brisk pace. "Birdsong" is more disjointed like if King Missle got to high to be quirky, though this is the kinda shit I got high to senior year of highschool. The lyric "your a pain in the ass my beloved" is very timely in some ways and is also the best part of "My Melancholy Baby" this might even vault it into being the best song on the album.The album ends with the more straight forward garage rock of "the Settlers Song". I think it is fair to give this album a 7.5. IUt is not going to win any album of the year lists , but they have their own sounds and s bit just Joy Division worship.

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