Sunday, July 22, 2012

Ides Of Gemini : Constantinople

This one has gotten tons of hype to live up to, so the minimal percussive element caught me by surprise in the initial songs which opens the album, it's minimal in the Ancient VVisdom sense. it took four songs until any movement simmers up on this album. this might be a stylistic choice as some like Earth adapts a similar approach with minimalism of orchestration. Where is picks up on "Ressurectionists" it feels like a P.j Harvey song or maybe a less haunting Chelsea Wolfe, though the singer's voice was hailed as being a national treasure she can't touch Wolfe not to say her voice isn't pleasant.

Of all the current flock of dark retro tinged female pseudo metal band cropping up , ides is the least heavy by far, I would even be more prone to call sleigh bells cheer leading metal than this.

More often than not the songs never build while this could be part nd partial to the minimal nature of what they do this leaves the songs naked as a collection of unfinished ideas they never fully realized. The guitar playing upon initial listens isn't particularly wowing me , it could use some effects or something to create more ambiance which something that is going for creating a mood tater than rocking needs to do and is where some one like Chelsea Wolfe excels, or even some one like the Cocteau twins, who early keeps things simple but truth be told I think the Cocteau twins first album feels heavier that this with out even trying to.

I don't think the vocals or guitar are deft enough to stand alone with out the benefit of a more prominent rhythm section, to hold this up. I have always held to the fact guitar is what makes it metal and bass and drums make it heavy, vocals are the icing on the cake that seals the deal.the singer could very easily be fronting some sort of neo folk act.

A 3 out of ten is as high as I can rate this, though if this is your thing add a point or two as there are rough gems of talent hidden some where in the vocalist waiting to be brought to the surface.

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