Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Having Grace Under Pressure

Progressive metal has fallen from the pedestal I once held it on. The most vicious blow the recent departure of Geoff Tate from Queensryche, something fans of the band had seen coming as his attitude in early summer festival performances was...umm needing adjustment. They have been one of my favorite bands since I first hear the song " Queen of the Reich". Mindcrime was a monumental album, though Empire was a joltingly commercial affair, I liked when It came out but when silent lucidity took over the airwaves the sellout was hard to swallow as a teenager. Back in 2005 I went back and re discovered the rage for order and warning albums and rekindled my fandom, this was aided by the fact they released string of decent albums around this time and went on to put on a really great show in 2008. So it was heart breaking to read micheal Wilton recount in gory detail the disintegration of their relationship with Goff Tate.

Later that night I finally got around to watching the Rush documentary beyond the lighted stage. Filmed by Sam Dunn who also created the history of metal show and metal a head bangers journey, the fil was filmed in similar fashion with interview clip interspersed in the history.an impressive list of rockers paid homage,Danny Carey, zakk Wilde, Kirk Hammett, mike portents , Russ abbot, billy corgan,. While creatively the band went through its ebb and flow, most notedly their keyboard heavy new wave period, they always held a certain integrity . What Queensryche needs to do is sit down some kind of monster style and watch the rush documentary and learn how to have some fucking class.

Even when Neil pearl pretty much comes out and says he can,t stand being around the fans, he turns around and shows strength of character overcoming the death of his daughter an wife and making a graceful return to stage.

Granted watching recent YouTube footage of the band playing old songs discouraged me because Geddy lee sounds like a mongoloid losing its hearing, as he voice just can't find where to go. So this will be the deterrent from keeping me from throwing down the big bucks to catch them live. Instead I will hold the memory of the last time I saw them ten years ago , where Geddy might not have power it out like he use to but was in the ball park. I will load my i-Pod up with Rush and I'm talking about Power Windows and some of the albums I might not have given a fair shot at the time.

Queensryche's drama continues to unfold now the band has brought in the replacement singer of Crimson Glory to now serves as their replacement singer, meaning the kid clearly has no style of his own and with be a bland star search sounding prog singer who could very well be the dud from Circle to Circle of a second string version of Fates Warning, but will be able to hit note in a mimicking fashion with no style of his own. Lets face it a Queensryche with out Geoff Tate is not Queensryche. I am going to try to refrain from reading the mudslinging to come and when I feel the urge to peak at the car wreck then I will go listen to Rush.

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