Saturday, July 7, 2012

Baroness: yellow&green

The savannah boys had a band meeting where the question was asked...why is mastodon making ll the money? The answer they. Ame up with was to really focus on vocal driven songwriting. Up until this point I was split on the band , I liked the red lbum but the blue one left me bored with nothing to grab onto. There are big changes on this double album,which I don't think can be called metal at all hard rock isn't even a fitting description as calling it driving indie rock. It brings to mind a sweaty hairier version of minus the bear. The way the vocal melodies move over flow of shimmering guitar the obvious link. The vocals employ a plainitive croon and are the biggest improvement. Trenton to detail ws put in the construction of melody and the layering of the harmony section, producer John Congleton brought out the best performance possible. This makes up for the fact the lyrical content seems to give away the premeditated change in direction, as they focus on boy loses nd meets girl,but the fact they are so passionatly sung causes me not to begrudge them.

Any studio trickery was done in. Very tasteful manner, they have captured some great guitar tones, there is less math in the riff to those sort of flourishes do ring out, while not taking away from the flow of the songs. The solo sections shine out in an almost thin lizzy manner especially when guitars harmonize. The guitars have for the most part clean tone leaving distortion a warm fuzz layer rther than smoke acreen to hide behind.the bass is really the only area where any excess metal lies, though I do see the metal media rallying behind this album more so than mainstream, Spin magazine won't know how to work them next to Bon iver.

I have become just as a.d.d when it comes to having my iPod on shuffle as the next guy, unless I'm reviewing something, so if an artist can bring back the lost art of inspiring me to listen to an album front to back says something. The yellow portion is better than the more bluesy instrumental interludes of the green part . This lead me to include thi could have been better served as a single album and that reason this album gets a
7out of 10. Still pretty strong even if has only enduring a handful of listens, it's a fitting summer sound track.

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