Friday, September 9, 2011

Post Dragon-con review

If you don't know what dragon is then, refer to my willsmashforcomics blog. While metal is for the most part a largely neglected subculture at dragon-con who leans more towards goth... though i suspect , if a poll of attendees were taken the metal heads would out number the goths, as goth is a somewhat stagnant genre commonly more associated with the fashion more than the music which is a very broad umbrella with no defining characteristics like metal , both dead can dance and christian death fall under it's canvas but neither sound a like. where with metal as some point you know there is going to be distorted guitar crunching down sooner or later , though more often than not sooner.
So judging by t-shirts alone, Kamelot is gaining popularity even with the departure of roy khan as there was an overabundance of shirts from the new tour, also folk metal has taken a foot hold as i saw ,eluveitie and korpiklaani shirts and had a conversation in line about moonsorrow with a guy.
of course always have to bring metal into the picture i injected it into two panels , one in the alternate history track on vikings , when the topic turned on the Christianization of norway , i brought up the church burning done by black metal bands as being a national socialist movement of course then went over their heads . secondly in the goth is the new goth panel , which was one the changing face of goth, the emphasis was place on hipster indie rock bands with goth influence, i brough up the influx of black metal bands with goth influences , ...lets see watain, behemoth, Burzum... varg has said the cure is the old band he listens to outside of classical music. once again met with confusion, doc hammer brought up celtic frost saying they did it but that scen was on a stagnant flatline, the singer of bella morte claimed to have been a metal head citing metallica and iron maiden ...which are much more mainstream, the bass player of loss who was the panel's moderator was the only one who got it . i got the chance to speak to him briefly as well , his only comment about the decent album was ..well its been getting some good reviews .
so a weak weekend for metal... the cruxshadows are the most popular band at this con and they are basically monotone pop in black , though their britney spears like back up dance had on pink to keep it real .

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