Monday, June 27, 2011

Metal and me vs the rest of the world

The state of Metal today is influx, we see the fore fathers of the genre falling from their pedestals left and right from Judas Priest's appearance on American Idol to the New Queensryche, Alot of it is a reflection on the metal head of today, there were people defending American Idol on Blabbermouth, which in the late eighties or early nineties would have never happened .
For better or for worse i think some of it has to do with the hundred sub genre's as every one is off in their little corner of the metal world, the black metal kids are on their sites and blogs , the djent kids are all on metal sucks...which lets face it djent is the evolution of nu-metal, the death metal guys are on their sites , the prog and power metal guys are on world of warcraft, and all the poseurs are now on blabbermouth defending mediocre,
in this climate artists are no longer concerned with albums sales so things like Nostradamus are made - i liked the album but as it could be Priests last studio album Rob was letting his show tunes shine, which i think is what is happening less effectively with Queensryche who used to be one of my favorite bands .
As a kid and this is post Kiss and Alice Cooper who were all i listened to pre -ozzy
my top ten favorite bands were ...
2-King Diamond
3- Queensryche,
4- Priest,
8-Suicidal Tendencies
10-Lizzy Borden
the honorable mentions ... Dio, Twisted Sister, Grim Reaper, Motley crue first two albums and venom
well we know what became of Ozzy, i got turned off by the no more tears album, King Diamond maintained his integrity but his song writing took a turn as he got mired down in the story of his concept album, Priest is on American Idol and there last great moment is going to be painkiller ...though i like Nostradamus, Slayer held out longer than alot of the other until they tried to become a hardcore band, and i found out the satan thing was just a gimmick,
wasp ...mmmm well for hair metal....headless children is the last album i bought by them ...they came back wanting to be marilyn manson , Maiden had a hiccup after no prayer fro the dying which was a step down from seventh son, i think every thing post blaze bailey works for me despite bruces waning pipes
Suicidal tendencies...the last album that worked for me was how will i laugh tomorrow once they started getting funky well rage against the machine wasn't far behind
Motorhead had a good run 1916 where i started to lose interest
Lizzy Borden - visual lies was great they dropped off the map with master of disguise
then came this thing called grunge and with it alternative then my favorite bands became
2-Type o negative
3-Morbid angel
4-Skinny Puppy
5-Life of Agony
6-Voi Vod
9-Faith No More/Mr. Bungle
10- Deftones
Honorable mention during this time deicide, carcass, sepultura, monster magnet , minstry, fear factory, neurosis ,
here's where the sub-genres came in, metal got repackaged and mediocrity crept in as bands started to try to stay relevant...which there is a right and wrong way to go about this see the cross purposes album
Tool, still has it but aren't what you would call prolific
peter steele ...r.i.p, dead again was decent world coming down was a let down after october rust - which i feel surpassed bloody kisses
Morbid angel - once david vincent left -see my review for this years album if you have been living under a rock a missed out on the backlash
Skinny Puppy- after the process ... broke up and reformed with some strong moment even if industrial is now almost non existent
Life of agony got confused and fell apart , now is a retro act of their former glory
Voi Vod- horribly under rated i feel they bridge the gap between thrash and what metal would become , not so sure about anything without piggy
danzig ...have you heard black acid devil, the post john christ chemistry is um...
Gwar held up better than you would think the gimmick would - this toilet earth is solid then like slayer they thought they were punk rock
faith no more - broke up mike patton when crazy and started recording fart sounds and beat boxing on bjork albums - tomahawk is in my ipod
the deftones - well ...after white pony haven't felt the same i can still get down with the faith no more ish elements of the self titled album, they also in my opinion helped make screamo what it is
we went into a mire a murky place for metal after this time the bands who helped me through the murk
Opeth, Acid Bath, Converge, Sleepy time Gorilla Museum, Katatonia, Dredg,
it was also around this time i found myself going back and replacing all the old classics i lost along the way and bridged into black metal for me as i became disillusioned with american metal my new favorite bands would be in no particular order
7-the swans
8-Dimmu Borgir
9- darkthrone
honorable mention- behemoth, shining, moonsorrow, negura bunget who i would tie with alcest but alcest created a subgenre of their own black gaze so they go to stay , you can throw most dsbm like wrests super groups, tombs , a storm of light and the whole retro ghost/devils blood thing in
i know dissection is dead but reinkaos is such a masterpiece and if you mention dissection why watain when they are so similar and it could have been space used for moonsorrow, well watain brings the attitude to mix and keep it real like shining spitting in the face of convention...isn't that what metal is supposed to do
and the swans they could have gone on my post grunge list as i got into them back in 95 0r 94 , but really rediscovered how influential they are ... go ask neurosis
i think nachtmystium carries the flag for us black metal ... but know they are going to buck it
call Dimmu sell outs and frankly the verdict is still out on post ics stuff - they won't always have snowy shaw - but the last album was solid even if not really capable of being actualized live unless you see the footage from the gig with the oslo symphony orchestra which was pretty fucking epic and blew away the show i saw when they played and barren rock club
i like the balls they have to wear their cyber viking suits and make epic shit
that how i want my metal go ask blackie lawless
varg - you crazy nazi, tell the world to fuck off , be unapologetic like King used to be when Them was out,
Fenriz you wannna sound like venom bring you are blowing high on fire out of the water
remember when progressive metal progressed , well Agalloch does
remember when ozzy was desperate and on the run from rehab and rocked like he gave a fuck , blake judd snort another line please
i want my metal to give you the middle finger for satan while high on junk is that too much ask, shining says the Norwegian band with the same names are fags for thinking otherwise

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