Monday, June 6, 2011


ok Morbid Angel generating controversy for changing in some form or fashion here's a band that has generated almost the same amount for being who there are and taking it a step further in Brooklyn's Liturgy and their leader Hunt- Hunter Hendrix- i guess it also makes him triple H.
So here we go for a listen through, the album starts off with High Gold- the guitars strike me of having a bell -like ring to them even in their barrage- the drums play around them accenting the ring, the bass is understated to inaudible, and triple h's black metal snarl, is the only thing to me really rooting them in as black metal , though the share the sonic intensity of black metal bands just as a light as in radiant counter point but there is a certain light quality in the guitar tone as well, the blast beats or burst beat roll in, the give the song a feeling of movement as builds into to staccato drone
True will -starts with a minute choral chant, piercing tremolo guitar pervades this track , faster picked than the first track though many similar elements are there the barrage of ringing guitars and almost jazz-like drumming - i like the Swans like build at the 3 and a half mark of this one it washes into white noise before returning to a similar burst beat feel the song began with, the songs do not adhere to a verse chorus arrangement , and from previous listens i noticed lots of them are variations of a theme
returner- this one starts off hitting you with syncopation and goes into a flowing shimmer , i really like the drums on this songs their is a smoothness to this chaos, the guitar builds into higher passages which seem to burn brighter, back when i smoked pot this album would have required a head phone listen for me to float away to
generation- is a heavier turn, the closest thing i have heard to chug coming from the guys at the minute and a half mark it goes into the holy shit head bob, the snare work is like nothing you have heard before, now the official chug comes into the mix a minute later- so far this is the first song that really stands out from the others , even the kultest metal head would have to give this song props though i could see how an un -adventurous fan of cannibal corpse straight ahead death metal might not consider these guys metal at all - it builds again at the 5 minute mark
tragic laurel - might have weird intro if you didn't catch the first four songs then blast into the fast drumming and majestic tremolo triple h even says the vocals are pretty much an after thought i would be surprised if their are any real lyrics as they are unintelligible, this song pretty much floats on the tremolo picking
sun of light - pretty much picks up where the previous song left off , until the drums fall out and let the guitars make some interesting sounds , they come back in at another minute and a half or so and the blast pummel begins , it sounds on this song at time he might be screaming real words it builds into a blast march is all i can call this section 4 minutes in then back to the shimmer ,
helix skull - starts off sounding like that 8 bit video game music - it beeps on like this for the duration and could stand to be deleted from my ipod
Glory bronze - is a return to form the same ringing shine to the guitars and drums churning the water around them, it breaks down a little at the two minute mark i guess the is the expand and contract triple h has been referring to in his interviews three and a half minutes in the first time these guys dramatically change tempos to slow it down before going back into the dizzy flurry. it builds back into a wave of pearly white noise . the thing i get about this album is the lack of the hate characteristic of black metal -
veins of god - opens in a very god flesh manner before going into a powerful lumber, considering and the rock n riff at the three minute really kills it in some ways because it is such a departure the album's earlier sound , guitar begins to take a slightly more sonic ring and the drone is consistent with the rest of the album , the layer of guitar is also impressive as the song pounds on ,
i like how the machine gun sound at the beginning of red crown almost feels like it ties into the previous song , it really blast back in at a minute and a half and we are back in familiar territory the stop start of the chords ring out on the punches toward the middle helps break up the barrage, it's safe to say though there is a beauty to this music it is still not going to be for every one and even metal heads who are not open minded might find the album difficult due to some of the meditative monotony, but i guess that's transcendence for you. i think the fact i am such a big fan of the swans give me more suited tastebuds for this than if i just listened to mayhem and marduk . glass earth is just a vocal chant which can be left off my ipod , the chant continues into the beginning of harmonia , which has a awesome pounding tempo change a minute and half mark which seems to be where everything happens with these guys , it brings back the heavy in the best way possible , before we return back to the trademark tremolo, which keeps getting faster

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