Friday, June 3, 2011

Morbid Angel - Illud Divinum Insanus

Ok the New Morbid Angel - has the metal messages boards in an uproar and in some cases understandably, death metal is a very narrow genre that does one thing so adding too many elements might alienate the more neanderthal thinking fans who just want grunting and blast beat all the time. so hears my re-listen to , we'll see what has grown on me, the album opens with a militant march of apocalyptic ambiance before going into Too Extreme - i'm ok with the samples , the vocal are not as much growled as they are distorted in production , very ministry , but still heavy the start stop and the goth vocals about two and a half minutes in work for me , over all very industrial , the repetitive we are your new religion vocal line gets a little old , reminds me of behemoth
Existo Vulgore, sounds like a return to form , more recognizable as Vincents growl, the drums get very blasty, more blessed are the sick than altars of madness , this one should be please every one who wanted them to stay the same, i think i would get bored if the whole album kept this tone, shit the new drummer is fast, his snare hits don't have the same power as pete's , Trey's solos sound more melodic and less inspired by ancient ones
blades for Baal- should keep alot of the complaints at bay as will as it too goes back to blessed are the sick period , and what alot of the younger metal heads forget is COVENANT could have been seen as a sell out in comparison to Blessed ... each album as been a change so far i'm ok with everything , some of the drumming is so fast it can sound like white noise, but i think this is the heaviest song so far , yep way more form in Trey's soloing , as a whole so far there is less chaos to the proceedings, ok got it this song is about human sacrifice
I am Morbid- starts of with chanting , not ritual chanting but rock concert chanting, goes into a slower riff with the under current of faster double a trademark, then into a groove, the chords get different , not weird just not what i expected in the pre-chorus , this one has more of a Domination feel it as it's pretty mid tempo and a little old school metal feel to it , almost a Metallica swing, like sad but true, the solo speeds up Trey's chops sound great, his tone right on but much more shredder friendly,
Ten More Dead- on my first run through this was my favorite song- mid tempo, Vincent has a little more of sneer to his voice , very domination again , i like the type - o vocals in the chorus, i'm not sure though if purists would consider this death metal , kinda groove metal like old machine head. on second listen the speed up in the solo section doesn't feel natural , like thats where the song wanted to go but maybe its me, so five songs in and i'm not terribly offended , though the more challenging pieces are on the way .
Destructos vs the Earth- is where the techno elements people have been up and arms really begin to make themselves known, the robotic vocals on the chorus are the only really suspect part , can hear the kmfdm part but then again, i use to like them so i might not be the best party to pass ill judgement, does it sound like Morbid Angel , eh... not really, i think this is more of a sign that Morbid Angel was been out of the game for a while so they are out of the loop that people quit listening to industrial music shortly after Domination came out, if this album had come out in 97 or 98, i think the wince factor would be greatly decreased.
Nevermore- i was never blown away when i first here this song, it busts in thrashing , but i think they are better songwriters than this , the drums become a blurred texture, the faster accented vocals don't gel with me either , the clean ahs are the high light for me, but it does sound more like them than the song before .
as i listen to this i think what needed to happen before the experimenting took place is they need to come back and prove themselves as ass-kickers then they might have gotten away with more on some of these songs.
beauty meets beast- starts off heavy more of a domination feel-the low clean vocals are fine with me , the verse vocals don't feel as growled to me , the gated distortion is on the vocals for sure, i think a wetter where the slime live feel might have worked better, this song doesn't suck but isn't there best , trey has his a game on, but as the sole member who has stuck by this line-up all these years - i think the riffs need to bring the evil a little harder considering they are coming back in days of black metal ,
Radikult -the album's problem child - first off this electronic beat is just weak as are the marilyn manson - nu metal guitars , i guess touring with the genitorturers for so long gave Dave a distorted sense of what the musical climate is and though this songs would have been at hit with the 1999 , that train has left the station guys - there is a decent solo in this song it's just hard to make it too
Pro Fundis - very domination - the mea culpa chant is a little meh- traces of samples float around the song which i think would have been wiser to distance themselves from this and end the song in a slightly more brutal fashion than the way whatever that is haunts the faster riffs and makes them sound like something from an anime movie
ok i would say 5 of the ten songs the first five at that really do anything for me so this would rate 5o% five out of ten , not where they really need to be on their first album back with David Vincent and no Pete Sandoval - did they take this into consideration or do they not care and think the public will just buy anything they put out ? maybe it might grow on me and it could be there will end up only 3 songs i'm not crazy about, i did grow to appreciate that fourth danzig album -so it is possible , and i did not hate chinese democracy either - so i should be ok with this but am pretty split - i think like other i got into heavier stuff so this doesn't seem as crushing

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