Friday, September 22, 2017

Songs For the Apocalypse

So the world is supposed to end tomorrow. There are many videos about it online that you can find on your own, end of the world tomorrow's date on Youtube brings up a great deal of them, the reason I won't post them here is because, most of based in some kind of Bible bull shit and I don't cover Christian music on here so I sure as hell am not going to give them any air time. Granted the fact Christians are behind this is what casts the biggest shadow of doubt in my mind, so I am trying not to get my hopes up, as it will surely prove to be another disappointment. But here are my top 10 apocalypse anthems or songs for the end of your world. I'll let the music do the talking from here. If we get an apocalyptic wasteland to frolic  that will be worth looking forward to as well, but here's for hoping for the best worst case scenario.

Killing Joke - "Glitch"


;Dissection - "Starless Aeon"


Goatwhore- "Apocalyptic Havoc"

 Morbid Angel - "World of Shit"


Darkthrone - 'Earth's Last Picture"


KMFDM- "Son of a Gun"


 Neurosis - "Locust Star"


 Ministry - "Perfect Storm"

 Megadeth- "Set the World Afire"


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