Thursday, September 7, 2017

Deaf Kids : "Configuração Do Lamento"

So these guys from Brazil got signed by Neurot Records on the merits of a Cvlt Nation article. While I write for Cvlt Nation we do not always see eye to eye on certain qualities of music, though it could be that they typically approach things from more of a punk perspective while I grew up listening to metal so , things like punk production value don't fly with me most of the time. Here that is a factor along with songwriting. I know it's vulgar to ask someone making music to write actual songs no matter what angle they are working their novelty. I had to listen to this album twice to figure out what was going on. They open with a percussive ditty that has a more industrial feel to it falling somewhere between Ministry and Devo. But it never turns into an actual song. Then comes a barrage of drumming. I have never been one to hang out in drum circles so it's not all that impressive of an interlude though might work as part of an actual song. There is more of that confrontational industrial punk on the 3rd  song which is the first song that sound like real song. That doesn't mean it progresses beyond the initial attack though the attack they make is strong enough to pretty much stand on it's own.

This is followed up with a noise center punk drum beat and shouting under the pretense of being a song that never really gets out from under the noise in a way that really allows it to become one. After this you reminded that you don't have to have any talent or musical ability to be hyped. They prove this by wasting two minutes and forty seconds of everyone's time with just noise and not a single note of music. While the production has been rough for the bulk of what I guess we are trying to call an album here, it gets worse at their next attempt at a song which devolves into noise. Sepultura came out of Brazil so we have heard some actual music there, though for industrial post-punk, it is not something in their genetic make up. They allow some monkeys to beat on pots nad pans that were left out in the rain and then have the audacity to title it like its a song.

We are back to a somewhat more conventional attempt to make music with the last song, though song is still being used as a very loose term here. There is a drum beat, and vocals buried under a blanket of noise with a guitar riff that sounds like it is being played by someone who is still trying to learn how to hold a pick. Overall this is a new low for even punk. I will round this down to a 3. That is minutes of my life I will never get back and if performance art is worth that to you I suppose that is your business , though I think their name refers to the audience that would really get what they do.

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