Saturday, February 25, 2017

Crystal Fairy : " s/t"

Holy shit! I guess I have le Butcherettes confused with the Ravonettes going into this because this chick can fucking belt it out with rock god size balls, I know she is from Bosnian Rainbows but it didn't all click now. The opener packs more of a punch and "Drugs on the Bus" takes a more winding prog grunge jam. You pretty forget this is a super group as Buzz Osborne and the dudes from the Mars Volta all take a back seat to Teri Gender Bender here. "Necklace of Divorce" is a much more solid song with room for melody and groove. "Moth Tongue" is still burly and angular but it feels a little more blues based than the previous song, almost slightly Zeppelin but through a filter of sludge.

The song named after this band is a boogie that has a harder rock edge and makes it clear this fuzzed out production is a big part of their over all sound.  "Secret Agent Rat" is a few degrees heavier than more rock direction this album seems to be planted in. They do more of a 90's alternative soft to loud dynamic that reminds me of PJ Harvey on "Under Trouble". It is also atmospheric in the same manner Queens of the Stoneage are. With those comparisons made its still a strong song. Things get a little more intense of "Bent Teeth". If drives like "Louder Than Love" era Soundgarden. It sounds like Jello Biarfra joins her for "Possession". This could be Buzz.If you wanted to know what Rasputina might sound like as a punk band this gives you a hint. There is a more 60s rock feel to "Sweet Self". "Vampire X-mas" is more like 70s hard rock almost bordering on metal. I'll give this a 9.5, which is higher than anything I have heard from Buzz on his own in a minute. This album was just released on Ipecac Records. Fans of female fronted rock go ahead on get this now.

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