Monday, February 13, 2017

Black Metal History Month - Kassad : "Faces Turn Away"

It could be argued that this one man project out of England adheres to the blue print drawn up by Deafheaven, but if feels like he has dug back into Deaheaven's influences and is aware of bands like Weakling and Coldworld. The vocals are harsh and static. The guitars offer more color and I can not tell if the drums are programmed out not as sometimes their patter sounds like they are machine like and digital blips. The end result is a gray explosion of sound that I appreciate, so how they got there is a little less of an issue. The second song is more of a monochrome forward blast that doesn't eave me as impressed as the first song did. I hope the rest of the album doesn't get stuck in that rut. I like the darkly melodic intro to "Void" even if it drones on for a bit, it is much darker than the kind of post- rock Deafheaven indulges in.

I would not go as far to say this project ever dips into depressive black metal though there is a very low swing feel at times. The rageful attack of "Madness" which is condensed into a three minute punch. While the wheel is not reinvented, I appreciate the fact it's in and out without having to waste any time. There is more melody in the moody guitars that ring out during "Broken". There is more of noise sprawl to the beginning of the title track that brings older Coldworld to mind. I am not sure I would call this black gaze. It is atmospheric, but has more of a chilly detachment to it. It pulses over this in a way that is more of an interlude than an actual song.

This album turns out to be more of an EP as the closing "song" is more of a snyth outro than ever turning into anything that is more than just sonics even by kraut rock standards. I will round this one up to a 9, the songs that are fully conceived are solid and stand on their own. While it will certainly appeal to fans of Deafheaven, this guy is not simply hopping on to ape Clarke and company. I am not sure it will make the trip to the iPod, but I will recommend it to my friends who like Deafheaven.

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