Sunday, November 29, 2015

Abysmal Lord : "Disciples of the Inferno"

Well we had to cover these guys on name alone. They are very lo-fi and primitive form of black metal that makes Horna sound slick. The vocals are a dry gurgled rasp with lower growls bubbling up every now and then, which is one of the more interesting elements of their sound. When they slow things down there is more cohesion. While their own press kit refers to the vocals as "vomit vocals" , to me they sound like  drunken muppets with Animal eating his kit as he plays the blast beats. What feels like this album is missing is the ambiance black metal locks into when droning on a blast beat. These have a crusty punk abrasion to them.

The punches at the beginning of "Golgotha Crucifixion" sound more like a grind core flavored death metal. The drums are trying to keep up the blast , but it reminds me of Deicide's Amon demos. "Black Liturgy" just sounds like a shift in the previous song. It really feels more like death metal to me at this point as their is a grime ridden element, but it doesn't feel all that dark to me. The tormented squawks and ranting of the rabid vocals become on of this album's most entertaining elements. The title track really doesn't distinguish it's self much from the songs except for a rattling ride cymbal. The pace picks up on "Sermon of Fire", the vocals might as well not even be attempting to recite real lyrics. The solo is the most musical element to the entire album.

It sounds like these guys spent more time putting on their corpse paint  and polishing their spiked belts than they put into writing these songs. I am amazed this is a four piece band, that means one of two things , that there are two guitarists making this noise and I can not hear the layering or their vocalist's sole job is to spew this into the microphone, but of those options blow my mind in the wrong direction. I'll give this album a 2.5...oh, it will be on a top ten list this year, just not on one of the more flattering ones.

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