Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Von : " Dark Gods-Seven Billion Slaves

Their " Satanic Blood" is an iconic and ground breaking album that influenced the genre, I think their new album ,might be better. From the first seconds of its opening I can tell the production is a vast improvement, this might sound like a catch 22 as the so called ...necro sound creates a certain ambiance with its rustic charm. I think that feel isn't forsaken with this album but a murky balance is reached.

This album is also darker and more sinister than Satanic Blood. Venien has perfected his craft the results were more than I had hoped for. This is the first of what if memory serves me correctly and thanks to the drugs I did in high school alone I might not be, will be a trilogy. There is going to be deluxe packaging with all the art Venien himself has done for the album and lyrics sheets to lay out the story.

There is almost more of a death metal feel here at times, though the blasting that occurs will be Cvlt enough for even listeners of the rawest black metal. The opener "They Have Come" is a eerie entrance it feels more like the intro of " Anicent Flesh of the Dark Goda". This is one of the albums most effective songs in how it sit faster tremolo picked guitar against a slower almost doom like tempo. From the get go "Hands of Black Death" has a more melodic sensibility , though it strikes me as being closer to death metal once it takes off.

The full on blasty of the mcnasty does flare up until the song "Dark Goda" it has that Sabbath tritons feel to it despite been on warp speed ahead, but like the first song there are the two different tempos layered atop one another.Even with the steps taken to push this project forward creatively from where they were back in 92 with Satanic Blood, I don't think this is going to be for every one, fans of black metal includes. I do think their is a black metal audience who wants less theatrics and more of the rawness , not just in production but intent like these guys are dishing out here. I sens there is something genuine going on here as the chords are left to hang on "Monster" have an airy evil to them. The sonic crescendo following is chaotic bliss and there is ain't of groove in the closing seconds.

Devil Whores must only jack hammer fuck from the get go as that's how the song starts out. The drumming is an improvement over the similar execution on Satanic Blood. "Iaminhuman" carries a similar place with the vocal at sub bass frequencies, they are more like vibrational frequencies , maybe this is the point and to be taken like the chant of Om. At the midway point the pace relents for a second . On the closer the vocals take on more of a chant. I really like the transition at the. Knute and a half mark on this one. The slower chug is immensely heavier than almost anything else on this album.

This album is dark and feel filthy, which to me is a good thing. the creepiness works for me and once again colors me a fan. Where Satanic Blood creates a drone that bled the songs into one another there is more definition leaving most songs to stand on their own. I will give this one an 8.5 , though it might grow on me and reach a nine, some of the more blasting moments mainly Devil Whore to Iaminhuman kind of run together in a blur and I think they have displayed this speed works best when set against other landscapes. This is not Behemoth mall metal here it's the real deal ns ugly for your ears to behold but a compelling listen .

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