Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Weekly Shuffle

If you are a new reader, this is where I hit shuffle on my iPod and review the first ten tracks to play , as it gives me a chance to touch on bands not often covered on here or things I might have missed. If you are a regular to the blog then you know the drill.

"Freewill" by Rush, - I have always thought if you only knew Rush by their radio songs then you didn't have accurate picture of what they really do, this song is a counterpoint to that argument as its actually quiet good,I think the solo is one of Lifeson's best and the do some interesting thing that don't make them comes across as a Styx wannabe.

"Belus Doed" by Burzum, I love Varg, this first post incarceration album I think has aged well so far , I love the drone and his vocals sound like the perfect frothing of a wild creature cornered by a mob of torch wielding Jews. It is Varg we are talking about here. You gotta love someone who is not afraid to stand up for extreme views in metal and say fuck you to political correctness , after all site that what metal is about?

"Lace up your boots" by Cult of Youth, They get some death in June comparisons, but this has an angrier New Model Army raging through the country side doing and Irish jig in combat boots feel to it, I like the aggression even though it's not metal .

"Rainy Day Woman" by Waylon Jennings , For a country song this has a reckless drive lurking beneath the strum of the guitar , happy music for outlaw bikers? He is the real deal no questions asked even if you don't like country music, and I have a respect for the real outlaw shit not the pop stuff getting passed off as country now.

"Epitome xiii" by Blut Aus Nord, the French men descend darker into the murky depths of the restless soul. I love the feel to this one, the moaned vocals floating just under the water's surface like they were drowned in a baptismal. A perfect black metal song without the normal convention you expect like blast beats, granted they took this waaaay further and now sound like they want to be the Cure, but hey I love the Cure so I'm ok with it, this thing is so sonic and dark it's sickening , I am asking myself why I don't listen to it more even as it plays now. The guitar evolves getting creepier as they songs builds awesome.

"Over reaction" by Voi Vod, you should know how if feel about this band and this is classic Killing technology era shit that confirms it, if you haven't checked out my review of their new one do so ,that album kills it almost as har das this era when they has the raging punk fury intermingled with their futuristic take on thrash which is still ahead of its time go ask Meshuggah if you beg to differ. This isn't even what I would consider the strongest song on Killing technology but it still brings it in a manner that more mind blowing then the best shit their peers t this time could manage.

"Womderful Woman" by the Smiths, this has their trademark lazy saunter, the haunting refrain in the chorus, this is classic like the Beatles, in fact even cooler, than the Beatles in my book, the world owes the Smiths because if it wasn't for them every thing would still sound like foghat and Van Halen. O.k shredders, when was the last Van Halens cock rock sounded like it came from anywhere but the eighties? This is timeless, even with the product as it was and Morrisseys croon lurking in the reverb.

"Cold Spring" by, Old Sliver Key, I can't remember if I covered this one when it came out two years ago I was till overlapping with Global Domination back then , this is a collaboration between Neige of Alcest and the dudes from Drudkh, I think this session really helped shape the process for the next Alcest album and made it a little ore rock n roll. I had gotten burned out on Drudkh the time so didn't give this one much of a shot when it came out but it's really good stuff, very uplifting like Alcest but doesn't float off to fairy land.

"Pslam 69" by Ministry, talk about standing the test of time, I have been going back and getting more heavily into industrial again there's a lot of Great stuff to be rediscovered, I think a lot of it I was too fucked up to really hear when it came out, though like this album I played the hell out of it, I think Al's voice sounds perfect on this song, it's mean as nails spit from a possessed Strom trooper as the death Starr goes down.

"the shortest Straw" by Metallica, well...these guys don't get much mention here, I did like them at one time , And justice for all is my cut off point, there is undeniably a lot of great thrash riffs , and is song has a cool hook wedged right in the middle. The chug leading into..shortest straw challenge liberty/ down by law, live in infamy/ rub you raw, ..it's great your they look like fools in the rain now but this album rocked despite the great American sellout that was the "One" video . Now it's safe to say die hard Metallica fans these days are more likely to listen to Godsmack and Nickleback than any real metal but I'm not deleting this from my iPod either so that says something.

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