Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Weekly Shuffle

The first weekly shuffle of 2013. first time reading ? well, I put the iPod on shuffle and randomly review the first ten songs that play. This weeks should be interesting as my iPod won't synch with one computer so I synced it with the iTunes on my old one which has music I haven't listened to in almost a year. I did load seem new stuff on there and bought a couple albums for myself with a girt card. So here we go

"Hearts a Mess" - by Gotye, yeah the "somebody I used to know guy" the whole album isn't half bad. Some songs like this one have a darker Portishead meets Peter Gabriel vibe to them. He has a good voice and is really a product of the YouTube generation, though he has been a thing in Austrailia for a minute now. I like the lyrics to this one , not a lot of pop songs are about the self deception involved in romance.

"Upon Returning"- Dredg, These guys were awesome, then catch without arms was abut of a poppy curve ball though not a sellout. They stay on the road because they fell inbetween the cracks when it comes to this sort melodic rock, being they are as commercial as Mutemath but not prog enough for the Porcupine tree crowd. This ong sees there sound intact but with a stronger police influnce and any metal leanings forsaken.

"Can't do a Thing" - by Chris Isaak, Was a huge fan, still like the first five albums which is more than you can say for most artists, the tv show through me off, kinda like Ozzy. Spectacular voice great lyrics about his cheating heart I like the line " I couldn't stop my self if I tried because I got you too deep inside." though when I type it it sounds homo erotic. This song is a good argument for poly amory.

"les regrets"Les Discrets, 2011 the year that "black gaze" almost became a thing. More shoe gaze than black metal, didn't give their second album enough of a shot, the double bass rolling under the facade of drone is a nice touch.Alcest pretty much cornered the marketon this sort of thing.

" A Mutiny" - by Red Sparowes, instrumental music can only hold my attention for soloing. It these guys take a pretty good stab at it due to a incredible guitar tone and taking the waves of shimmer into ever evolving passages, this song no exception almost a jazz feel at times and can hear Pink Floyd influences stuffed into the cracks.

"Cemetary Gates" by the Smiths, this is one of my favorite happy songs by these days one day I'd like my band to playa mash up of this and "Cemetary gates" or I could just sing the Pantera song like Morrissey would. The guitar and the vocal melody here are what steals the show here. So let's go where I want to...

"Wavy" by Skinny Puppy, Post the Greater wrong of right albums I have never given a fair shake, I like this song is back to a darker sound but Orge still sings. The vocals are really well produced and every thing is in the right plce the acoustic guitar part phased in like that adds a lot and the midsection is really cool with out percussion. Will have to give Handover another listen as I like this one.

"Vault of membros" by Disma, finally metal and they hit the brown tone on the very first note. This album stands up every time I hear it and I like it better than the new incantation. Though much slower and grime dripping , almost doom but not quite, the growl is a great demon gurgle, though my daughter just fell asleep listening to this. Cus that's just how metal she is.

"Right" by David Bowie, I am of the belief that Young Americans is as good of an albums Ziggy Stardust , though the single "Fame" eclipsed the rest of the album.this song shows Dave is one of the greatest rock singers as he fluidly weaves soul elements into what he does. He doesn't dabble in other forms of music he makes them his own. Earl Slick for the win on the solo.

"Maze of Torment" by Morbid Angel, one of the greates death metal songs ever, they brought the blasty with them here and there are still hooks that keep you banging rather than everything sounding like mush. David Vincent gets credit due to his vocal placement, not the best growler in the game but he knows his phrasing.

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