Friday, December 7, 2012

The Weekly Shuffle

The second installment where I put my iPod on shuffle and review what ever pops up.

"Technocratic Manipulators" by Voi Vod. This band was so far ahead of their time it's ridiculous. I think Dimension Hatross was their creative peak as they started going in a more Floydish route on Nothingface. for those who say good music is just matter of opinion I think that can be argued, as how well it stands the test of time gives it a more definable quality and Voi Vod is a good example of this. Think they mistepped on Angelrat or they would have gotten the recognition they deserve.

"Mandatory Suicide" by Slayer. I think South of heaven is my favorite Slayer album, the songwriting is more balanced blend of melody and groove with the teeth to it that these guys are known for. This album wasn't the heaviest thing even back when it came out but it was more well written than their peers at the time. Sure Tom came closer to singing on Seasons but I think the spoken word section at the end of this one is just as effective and Dave's double bass underneath it rules.

"VI" by Mgla. I haven't been able to give this "With Hearts Toward None" album a solid enough listen its on my reviewe before the years end list, which I need to get cracking on. The drums stand out as they deviate from what you expect from this sort of death/black metal hybrid. In Poland dreaming of Sweden must be this guys mantra though as its in the same color spectrum as old Dissection.

"Hello Space Boy" by David Bowie. There is more than likely going to be a Bowie song on the Shuffle every week because my iPod is just loaded full of it as he is my Elvis. If I was going to introduce Bowie to Metal head this is one of the songs I would play for them as it has the industrial pound to it. This is one of the rare cases where Bowie jumped on a bandwagon rather than create, but when you take Scary Monsters into consideration he was just revisiting ground he already laid. The piano underneath this is incredible. Reeves is getting it done here as well metallic in the guitars slicing through the song but keeping texture what an awesome player I miss him.

"the Gateway" by Cult of Youth. I already reviewed "Love will prevail" it's no secret I hold it in high regard , I like where the vocals sit in the mix on this and the drums are getting it done as well, the guitar is a little lost but the song has drive to it an interesting layers keep being introduced through out.

"Figurative Theatre" by Christian Death. Speaking of standing the test of time I can't tell you how many times I have blared this album since high school, most of those I was high out of my mind so this album always holds things on it that sound new to my ears, some of the best lyrics ever penned. Rozz Williams albums with these guys are iconic.

"Void Hanger" by Darkthrone yes there is a band named after this song because that's how awesome Darkthrone is . I like the post cvlt years. The singer of eyehategod said "Plaguewielder" is his favorite album. The lyrics on it seem more mature and less hoary than the stuff that came after this which has more of a Venom feel to me. I like those punches in the verses. The gallop section is pretty rocking your face off as well. The blasty mcnasty at the end winks at what you first loved them for without apologizing for where they were going at the time.

"Life Eternal" by Mayhem, another case where it might not be their cvltest moment but I like it. This is pretty melodic for these guys. The vocals on this one are an acquired taste they work for me like early Celtic Frost. The drums are really where it is at one this song. Though the bass work is audible and pretty damn good to compliment the drumming, allowing the guitar to drone on top of this. Until today I never realized how long this song is as it normally takes a hypnotic throb in the background. Of course when these guys go blasty they do it well.

"Look at you Over there Ripping the Sawdust from my Teddy Bear" by Alice Cooper. A hidden gem from the Special Forces album, it reminds me that Alice could at one time really sing, I like his croon on the chorus. Like disco Kiss , new wave Alice is a favorite of mine, Still I don't think he belongs on the Dio tribute album coming out as he doesn't have the chops in this day and age to pull it off.

"Little Red Corvette" by Prince. Hey there is no shame in my game,not only am I glad this came on but it reminds me to put more Prince on my iPod. He is one of the best guitarists out there, with a impeccable tone. Sure this is a pop ditty but he does pop ditties better than any more...well maybe not better than the "Let's Dance" album but close. You can be as brootal as you want but can't deny the mans talent. An unreal voice as well and he knows how to use his range to serve the song.

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