Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Weekly Shuffle 12/12/12

O.k time for the third installment of the weekly shuffle where I review randome tracks from my iPod in again bag fashion.

"Fall Apart" by Death in June I guess this song is good for a soundtrack to the end of the world,the lyrics are the heaviest thing about this song, the typical morose folk you would expect.

"Iron Maiden" by Iron Maiden As a kid I had apet peeve against bands who wrote songs where they said their names, but I some how came to terms with this anthem which is a good case for DiAnno supporters thought e guys is pretty much a joke now. Steve Harris is the man on this one and the twin guitar riff set the bar for years to come.

" Hit Helga Tre" by Burzum, yeah I reviewed this album, as fare the post prison years Fallen might be my favorite , there is some pretty straight forward chug on this one an prefer a little more drone with my Burzum, still I don't shun this album like some people did and still stand by my Varg.

"Adult" by Ceremony the Second time these guys have popped up on the shuffle, this one is a little more straight forward almost to the point of being seventies garage punk. I like what the guitar is doing rather than just playing it safe with the a typical punk progression taking back to more of an Mc5 approach. Why do the stars never align for me to catch these guys live? This sounds like it would be a lot of fun and that says a lot as you guys should know I'm not big on the punk.

"Salterello" the second appearence for Dead Can Dance which should not be a surprise as my iPod is crammed full of them. This song should summon all nymphs you might have in your backyard if you play it loudly with you windows open and do a dance in the rotation of the sun.

" On the Wings of Gloria" by the Devils Blood, One of the best live bands I saw all year an deverything they touch has spectacular guitar playing on it. The manage to bang out Jefferson Aiplane era freedom rock with balls and drive to it and this song is one of the better examples of their power from their last album. the arrangements tend to be on the more straightforward side of jammy. The break down on this one is pretty cool the vocals glides over it well. It's the first time I noticed the growls in the back ground not that I should be surprised as they share a member with Watain.

"Black Drum Machine" by Xiu Xiu not sure why I didn't get around to reviewing this over here I know I did for hiplanta, anyway I love his voice, the strings don't really do much but provide an Ambiant wash underneath him making this pretty much just spoken word crooning, though I like what he does going into the last minute and a half before all the I'm sorries, for a song about a drum machine you wouldn't expect the music to be this minimalist by hey this guy is kooky I know.

"Vennt" by Von , the vocals are more death metal than what we think of black metal , the drums are blasty before blasty was a thing and from my interview with them they seemed to attribute this to their Intrest in punk, the chaos of the is pretty great.

"Your Lost Little Girl" by the Doors, I have been on a Doors binge lately as I read "No One Gets out of Here Alive" alternating between this and "Dance of Dragons" anyways I like Jim's croon here, and the jazz accents to the guitar , Ray was a little happy here and this one is pretty much middle of the road on the Doors dark o meter.

Tunnel of trees" by Deafheaven These guys blew Alcest off the stage and I like Alcest, this song this one of their more straight forward blast you in the fact numbers even then the guitar manages to capture a certain sonic quality I hope these guys have something new coming out in 13. The drumfill break down in the middle is pretty crazy and then they reconvene back to the space blast. I think they qualify for the transcendental black metal Hunter Hendrix from Liturgy was writing his college papers on.

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