Thursday, November 8, 2012

Interview : Sean from Cult of Youth

It's a Cult of Youth week here at Abysmal Hymns , hitting you with an interview, review of their new album and by Saturday a review of their Friday night show. So here we go and I didn't even have to bring up King Diamond they did it for me.

Wil...I like the new album, compared to your previous releases it's more smoother songwriting in a more melodic yet darker direction what do you attribute this to?

Sean...It was just natural, this was the album I always wanted to make but it the past wasn't capable. The last one we recorded in a big studio and the money just ran. This time I built my own studio and allowed me to play more of the instruments , it just all developed on an emotional and spiritual level. did recording in this environment effect the lyrical themes?'s influences, the process of opening a record store had me more engaged in community. It was inspirational and more uplifting . Early on when the band formed it was depressing days, I was in a dark place with a shit job and doing lots of drugs. Now I can enjoy things and make positive uplifting changes.

Wil...I found out about you guys from a friend on a metal board and metal tends to attract metal so what kind of metal past you do you have ?

Sean ... I totally have one, I use to work as an intern for earache in college. I quit a job once to go see King diamond and it was the best decision of my life. It was a road trip and I smoked pot all the way. We don't fit into any scene so it make sense there's a group of metal heads into one place then in another city it's a totally different crowd.

Wil... I'll wear my King Diamond shirt to the show tomorrow. it's from 88.

Sean...what tour is that ?


Sean... I have one from conspiracy

Wil... Speaking early of dark places , one label that gets thrown around with you guys is goth, and while I can hear some Death in June in you guys what's your prespective on that?

Sean...we take it as neither a compliment or an insult. We are into Bauhaus and sisters of mercy and like going out and dancing at goth clubs. We are lovers of music. I own a record shop so I have all kinds of music and support and embrace goth music.

Wil... How's the tour been so far?

Sean...incredible , we did out record release show on sept. 7th , we went to Europe and have been on the road for two months now. There's been highs and lows. We played Warsaw, Poland, Italy, it was cool getting to meet people I've been talking to online for years now. As players tis much time playing you really find yourself able to try new things on stage and push the boundaries. how was the reception in Europe? main land Europe like France, Poland and Italy great. In the U.k, not so great it's like America but worse.

Wil... So what should people expect from the live show?

Sean ... It's more punk, people will be surprised how live and aggressive we are. Lately it's been very chaotic so I can imagine it will be that way when we play Atlanta . People already have the albums and it s great you know the songs but iPod have the album so why sound like the album why not take the songs you know and twist them into something different that's crazy and all about having fun Becuase that's why you go out to shows.

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