Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Dragged Into Sunlight: Widowmaker

I understand putting out an album of three epics all over ten minutes in length, what Idon't get is why you are Dragged into Sunlight and want to make the first and longest song an acoustic instrumental. Sure it had a somewhat drones quality to it and if compacted down into three minutes would have worked as an intro but it by and large bored me and seemed like a waste of time from a band capable of so much more.

Sure the snarl into a redemptive part two , which captures some to the nastiness they do best but not after I formed a prejudice against this album. because if you are going to only give me three songs make sure all three are with the wait. Part two has a pretty mean grind to its chugs, the vocals dipping into lower more death metal like grunts. The cleaner guitar sound leading into the eight minute market doesn't bother me, in fact it brings a needed dynamic, but is handled within the context of what they do best,and I am alwayss down for experimenting with new sounds as long as I 'm getting the rock inequal doses. The gloomy drone the second part settles into in the final minute and a half works well to drive the point home.

Part three is poured on thick with its volcanic sludge. It wasn't until repeat
Items thatmy ears detected their are screams coming for behind the wall of syrupy distortion. This part is very Eyehategod and lingers for the first three minutes turning the torture over to the bass.it rumbles to a crawls ragging the songs for a minute and a half to what seems a slow death until the drums come in a hammer it into shape. In short heavy as fuck. The pace begins to pick up until it is chugged to a pregnant pause of clean guitar where it is allowed to morbidly reflect for a minute of so, with tightly chugged guitar leading into the chaos the last minute and a half escalates into.

With "Hatred for Mankind" the pay off came quicker and more forcefully. Here the wait throught the tension of the drone and linger of anticipation often makes journey getting to the meat of the matter , fall into back ground music rather than grab your throat and demand your attention. I don't fault them for broadening there sonic range, the parts that hit you excel at doing that ,so despite the wasted first 14 minutes at the beginning which was purged from my iPod within 24 hours of having this one , I think the album earns a 7.5 as your attention span gets its endurance tested , though it is worth checking out as a whole for when the parts that rock, choose to do so they kick your teeth in.

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