Monday, August 13, 2012

Lunar Aurora: Hoagascht

The first German black metal band that has set right with me. This duo has been kicking it since 1994, so they have taken the time to perfect their craft. Aran who recorded all the instrumentation on this is also Tristan of Trist, so the Ambiant and depressive nature of that project is intact here.

The songs at times take on a straight ahead drone similar to Burzum, the only artist who a fit comparison could be drawn. The production isn't as lo if as say early cvlt black metal but it has a raw density to it. The big surprise for me was when I read that all the drums on this are actually programmed, because they have the big sound of live drums, so drum programs have come along way.

Where this album excels this blend of atmosphere, granted that sort of thing is right up Trists alley so it shouldn't come as a surprise, but few bands pull it off as well. While the whole black gaze thing came to ahead most of the bands sacrificed heaviness for more of a post Rick sound. Not the case here, the metal is in the forefront with the atmosphere as a very audible texture hovering like a ghost coming into focus.the juxtaposition of the keyboard sound and the raw guitar , is not unlike the balance NAchtmystium achieved on "silencing machine."

The vocals stay in the same register through out never utilizing higher screams more typical of depressive black metal, not as rabid a snarl as Varg same approach. The lyrics are all sung in his native tongue, while my German is passable , It still comes across as harsh gurgle layered in between the guitars. The songs focus on i'm looking at the moon at night and have a sinking feeling of doom. So this guy is obviously an insomniac who recorded this whole able in the middle of the night.

There are melodies in the distant the guitars stay on the attack and not what I think of as tuneful.The song " wedaleicthn" the guitar takes an almost rock n roll approach, the song moves like one of the Ramones 50s styled jams until every thing collapses into a really dark place before building back up into, the only spot on the album where I was like ok those drums aren't real. Far from prog but a needed twist when this album was starting to have too similar of a drone.

"geisterwold" creeps in with a dsbm vibe but speeds into the mid tempo shamble this album seems to favor. Another album I would say that qualifies as black metal but there's not a blast beat to be found. The double bass picks up in places, but there is a determined trudge, not Ina doom sense, there power to it though pacing is the one draw back as it allows the songs to take on too similar of a feel.

The closer "reng " takes an almost Jesu like tone at first before ,they pick back up into their standard mid tempo double bass. The rain comes in an brings back out his creepy Varg side, but much more melancholy than even post prison Burzum. While their are some beautiful moments the song often remains the same, so this one gets a six. Worth checking out if you like Burzum, but only feel like dabbling in the whole depressive suicidal thing, they're not at that point yet just distressed about being so lost in the woods.

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