Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A Metal Head's Guide to Drugs

I've done something like this before with sex and this came up while I was pondering Dead Can Dances pharmaceutical past times, so here is my experiences with various sounds and chemistry as well as my educated sepeculations as to what artist might make for a fitting sound track with these chemicals, while I have a wide array of experience with this area you can assertain the time period in which I quit injecting these due to the time period most of these are from.

O.k, the term psychedelic was derived from l.s.d use ao we will star with that and work are way sideways

Acid/l.s.d- tripping and heavy music has had mixed results for me , some times thing harder than black sabbath came across as unsettling due to the intensity a lot of thrash guitar riffs also sounded like they were being played back wards, testaments practice what you preach album a case in point , I tended to prefer industrial music skinny puppy's last rites album sounded great as did any psychic t.v which sounds like it ws made for the sole purpose of tripping. The more intensive period of time spent with this drug in high school, I commonly used the first mr. Bungle, pink Floyd's animals and the butthole surfers, I think my last trip I listened to Tools lateralus to good effect as well as my bloody valentine, coming Down Alice in chains jar of flies seemed perfect.Under no conditions listen to the song ego the living planet by monster magnet while playing with a ouija board.

Ecstasy - I can understand the appeal of techno here, but no surprise I preferred rock like the cure and radio head whose kid a album seemd perfect, the first time I used the drug I was listening to collision's coarse album which seemed like the gods had intended for me to hear it at that moment. Type o negatives bloody kisses album was great to roll to along with Marilyn mansions portrait of an American family.

Mushrooms-Cocteau twins - heaven of las Vegas album, swans worked to good effects well anything involving Brian eno.

Other hallucinogens ( peyote, mescaline, absinthe) - with these for the most part I was outside listening with head phones seem to recall negative land, neurosis, sonic youths " day dream nation" album and pretty hate machine providing excellent accompaniment. Sepulturas roots album was also a wise choice.

Cocaine - Was never my thing and times I did not mix it with other drugs was uncommon though I seem to remember listening to very up beat music, Depeche Mode seemed common place, danzigs first album , i remember having more of an appreciation for the first wide spread panic while coked up one night which leads me to believe this drug lends it self to bad taste.

Crack- most of the time this was smoked with weed, cannibal corpses the bleeding and the first system of a down, I think the one time I heard insane clown posse I was smoking crack, makes perfect sense.

Heroin- the first time I did it while listening to Kmfdm, so they held a rotten place in my heart, the cures disintegration album, life of agonys second album, Depeche mode, David Bowie's album "outside" genesis "abacab" for some reason

Other opiates... The first Korn album, the navity in black tribute to sabbath most of thE time I couldn't get off the floor so was at the mercy of others when it came to the stereo though the down ward spiral seemed prominent.

Quaaludes ...this is going to be a blanket term to cover every thing including xanex bars ... Radio head , life of agony, Alice In chains,

Marijuana - didn't get stoned and realized music sucked to often, I preferred listening to sabbath, slayer and king crimson, type o negatives October rust was a good choice, dream theater however seemed homo erotic, smoked a lot to neurosis, stark weather, tool,sonic youth, I remember seeing dinosaur junior live and they were too much had to retreat and listen to secret chiefs

Drinking, the basic rock rolls works best as you are more Neanderthal , I think this is why punk rock appeals to so many you never say I wanna get drunk and listen to poly rhythms , so kiss, motley Crüe, guns n roses, ozzy solo, slayer, misfits,

Of course varied combinations cause different results, and I am sure I have forgotten something so other artists I liked to get fear and loathing to are... Massive attack, morbid angel, down, acid bath, bloodlet , ministry, electric hellfire club, white zombie, kyuss, queens of the stone age, outkast, tricky, sisters of mercy,

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