Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Anopheli: "A Hunger Rarely Sated"

Things might confusing, but in doing so they will only make more sense. This band is from Oakland California, via London, England. So the transplanting has merged a wide variety of sounds into this entity called Anopheli. You could get bogged down trying to fit these guys into a neat little category. Sludge is one name that might apply to what they do until the pace picks up and then the more hardcore elements kick the door in. Their songs do share similar rumbling vibes with a coating of cello over them to add the melancholy.

The crustier punk edges is more prevalent on the second song "Incompetent Sires" than it is on the opener. Buried some where in there I hear a little Hot Water Music,  perhaps some Coalesce as well, this could have very easily stumbled out of the metal hardcore merger of the late 90's Victory Records played such a big part in. The hard core ramble gains more momentum from there, as "Forest of the Genocides" really runs away with itself. The very punk rock way the snare is hammered here is the main deterrent for me. The emo like break downs where the cello gets to soar, creates a vast almost post-rock feeling,

The vocals are varied shades of pissed. It seems as if three voices are joining in.One  carries a more hard-core lumberjack gruffness. Another is a higher pitched punk shriek, that has a slight black metal sneer to it. The other sounds like a woman, though carries a pretty tough early Kylesa like punch to her voice. They are devoid of contracting melody and thus negate any chance for other emotional layers to be place upon what they are doing here.

A brief instrumental piece precedes the final song. "Rime" is a eight minute journey. I like the feeling they have captured here, it is very dark and down trodden, they kinda take the easy way out by just barreling into a more hardcore section at the three minute mark where the vocals kick in.They do an excellent job of creating the build towards the end. The band utilizes many different elements of what heavy could look like and boxes your ears with them.

I'll give this album an eight it's a little more on the crusty punk side than what I normally listen to. I think there are great things in store for us as to where this band goes in the future. There execution is flawless and the album sounds great from a production stand point,  it has a  big cinematic sound, that some of the moodier passages really need to carry the scope, so I will give this one and 8. If punk is more you thing you can round this up a point perhaps. It's worth giving a listen for sure.

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