Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Interview : Venien of Von

The forefathers of American Black Metal,whose influence had a profound impact on the second wave of black metal which came out of northern Europe and shaped what we think of as black metal today. So it was an honor to get a chance to talk with Venien the man behind Von and found out what it's like to Be one of the founding fathers of modern black metal.

Wil...First let's talk about the recording of your 1992 album "Satanic Blood" . What prompted that and what was the process like ?

Venien...It was the show we that Erik of Watain asked us to do that prompted that. Shawn ...goat quit the band again after that gig, so had to handle pretty much everything
. the process took hold in the stood, there had been a lot of bootlegs over the years but this is going to be the first official release recorded in a proper way the way it was mean to be heard.

Initially when they process of putting it back together was back in 2006 in the MySpace years. Erik from Watain touch base with us and offered us to come out for what would be a record release for them and all of a sudden things started to develop . So as sort of a dress rehearsal we recorded a seven inch to give away .

Will... How was being back on stage and playing with bands you had such an impact on?

Venien... We came on late after Watain and Goat wasn't as prepared as I though he would be , so by not handling his business the show didn't go off as planned so it was rather bittersweet. what does the future hold for you regards to live dates are you looking to do one off shows in a festival setting or really tour?

Venien...After the reunion show we came back to Pheonix and has dates booked like the hole in the sky festival and Goat called and asked us to cancel the dates. So we had to regroup and re think the live show but now we have a few dates of this year, the ritual of the black mass and next year do a world wide tour. We have a really cool set over and hour of not only songs of satanic blood but new songs, after all we have twenty years of material.

Will...So what was it like to have made the style of music you did in a time and froma scene that was mainly into thrash and what you guys did back in the late eighties early nineties is what people think off when it comes to modern black metal? What influenced that?

Venien... In high school I was into punk rock and when I moved with my dad for his work to Honolulu freshman year , I got a job where I met Shawn/Goat and we hooked up and were jamming in the garage. At the time he was more into Classic rock like Led Zeppelin. Working in a factory one summer I met Brent/ Snake and we got him to come in and just smash on buckets to create this really raw brutal sound. It was punk meets metal and then the elements like tremolo picking came in. We were in Venom and Sodom but wanted to make something more brutal and darker , just relentless. We were the band nobody wanted to book Becuase every one was into thrash. what was it like to find out all these big black metal bands like Dark Funeral, Watain and Taake were citing you as an inspiration ?

Venien... We never knew any thing about it , we had no idea as we had never released an album, just demos until years later We heard the material we created surfaced through tape trading in the underground and these bootlegs surfaced. It's overwhelming to think about. is there new Von music on the horizon?

Venien... Yes, there is "Tribal blood" which comes out in April of 2013, it is part of the Dark god trilogy. The dark god album is split into three parts the first is a progression from where Satanic blood left off. The second rise of the ancients is different but with similar theme and elements and then I have a solo album which has a lot more options and types of styles. coming back , what are your thoughts on the current metal scene of today any particular band really stand out to you ?

Venien...Recording I have been in a self induced exile and I havent had the luxury to to invest a lot of music. The guitarists I'm working with now are in their twenties and are into everything as far as extreme metal and know all the different sub genres out there and keep me up on it, cus when we started playing there wasn't all that you were basically just playing metal. There's a lot of intense stuff out there and no particular bands I like more than others though, we did some work with Coffin Worm.

Will... So now twenty years later are we going to see similar occult Themes to what was on "Satanic blood? How is music now spiritual expression for you?

Venien...I dictate my own life. I defy all. I'm a free thinker and not tied to anything. So there are themes similar to Satanic Blood. The general theme is explained in another format all tied together as a story. As you get older you gain knowledge over the years. Organized religion never appealed to me.

Will...with the landscape for people consuming music now is much different now than it was twenty years ago what plans do you have in regards to getting your music out theere to the fans?

Venien ...Von Music is just myself , doing it pretty much d.i.y style. using pirate press to manufacture. Satanic Blood is being released in a booklet form with lyric sheets and liner notes. People can see all the art work I've done that goes with each song. Rather then the jewel case format it's 12x12 vinyl gatefold style.

Will...Well that gives you more freedom and will appeal to collectors, I'm excited for new Von music and to here where you guys take it , look forward to carchingylu guy love and will of course continue to feature you guys on here as the releases roll
out next year.

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