Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Necrovation; S/T

These guys come out of the gate with a quickness, the drummers use of his feet keep some of the morbid angel comparisons at bAy even when the guitars bring them up there a weird break in the opener that helps establish their own personality rather than act as a tribute to 90s Tampa by way of Sweden. I think the fact they are from Sweden is a mute point, they sound nothing like Bloodbath or Entombed. This is their second full length and they have been around since 2004 so their sound has had some time to ferment and it shows in the songwriting.

If you really wanted to search for those kinds of comparisons on a track like" dark lead dead "you could find them though, you would be using the argument all death metal sounds the same, one I can undstand the rationale for as it's Not my favorite sub genre of metal, for some of those reasons, the change in the final minutes of this song disputes that and the band likes to keep it interesting and throw lots at you.

The vocals break from the mold and get weird at the beginning of " pulse of towering madness" I hear a little Carcass in the periphery. When the pace begins to pick up in "Commander of remains" I find my self thinking no go back to the weirdness. The mix is what reminds me the most of Entombed. Cavernous as I remember that time period of euro death metal to be. With a song like " new depths" if you hear any morbid angel influence I think it's clear These guys don't own any albums after " Altars of Madness".

The leads are tasteful for this kinda of music,there are a couple of runs where they play with more fluidity and i makes me think they are holding back for the sake ofthe style they are playing ndthey might have some Blind Gaurdian on thei ipod that they dont want ot fessup to. the drums could be more over the top. Ur this me measuring them against Pete the feet Sandoval. Though the drums have promise in parts of the power chug of " pulse of towering madness" which I might mention again Its in the lead as my favorite song.

In the second half of the album more dirge like passages evolve as well as a little more experimentation than you might expects that early on,it's in these more ,melodic moments their originality and prowess shines through the twisted murk of riffs. In domes this album grow on you in initial listen listens in others the songs become harder to distinguish, maybe I jut need more sleep, not that I don't like the variations and while this plight seems to plague ands I have reviewed recently ,Necorvation manage to inject more personality into their songs than most of their contemporaries in this genre.

With that said the reasons this album hasn't grabber me harder when i know how exceptional it is for what it is has more to do with the fact death metal is so straight forward and myopic in purpose, this is the reason I prefer black metal over death metal, as there are less confinements and more experimentation. So over time some of the tracks on here began to bore me . As close aa I have heard in a hot Tampa minute to fet getting back to the glory days of death metal in the early nineties but with out being a total retro tribute act, I will give this one a 7.5 as two weeks in regular rotation but don't expect it to have a lot of staying power with me , if you are a die hard fan of the genre then give this another point as it has identity in the monotony of the maelstrom.

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