Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Catching up with the Jones

ok it's starting to either trickle out or catching my attention, this is a similar fashion to how i catch my self wetting the i dream about wetting the bed, so in other words here are the abysmal hymns... you might wanna cop a listen to if you are looking for some new metal, some of these just got lost in the shuffle with my writing for Global Domination such as our first entry on the list which I have an article pending with Global Domination

1-Sigh - In Somniphobia- A progression from Scenes from Hell, though it's a progression away from Black Metal, which I'm still split on and not sure I am on the band wagon with this being hailed by some as a perfect album, there is some great playing on it and perhaps it needs to grow on me

2-Drudkh- Eternal Turn of the wheel-another one on the back burner for GD, still ingesting this one, unlike Sigh this is a turn to a more classic black metal feel, I can say I like it better than the Old Sliver Key team up they did with Alcest, faster and more venomous a step away from the folk metal undertones
the souls

3-Alcest- Les Voyages de l'Âme...or the journey of souls , Neige's more accessible work at first it struck my as bland until repeat listens , though a few songs the drumming and cadence of the octave chords remind me a little of the Foo-fighters. It is better than anything you will find on rock radio however.

4-Abgail Williams - Becoming ...OK you guys are there , stick with this bands wagon, I had dismissed this band as a death-core band who wanted to sound like Dimmu ... and then they went and made this nice slab of dark sonic nightmares...good work guys now a full length like this and I will forget everything that came before

5-Goatwhore- another great turn around from a band whom I wanted to like due to their Acid Bath past, but their style of blackend death metal bored me on previous releases , this takes a direction more akin to Skeleton Witch but angrier and spitting hell-fire back up at Jehovah, good qualities to have in metal along side some thrashier riff-age

6-Cormorant- Dwellings ...ok this got alot of praise at the tail end of last year and falls under the category of just slipped past me though I was aware of it's release as guys like Anthony over at the Needle Drop and Angry Metal guy both spoke highly of it. When playing it at band practice the other night one of the guitarists thought it required a wolf to ride while listening to...and perhaps it may, it takes the Opeth/Enslaved progressive death/black metal and spins it around add a dose of epic to it and rocks out, it deserves to be listened to by any discerning ears for the metal

7-Mournful Congregation- Book of Kings- this came out in november the review quickly covered at GD and I haven't gotten a chance to writing anything on it ...Doom with a capital D, when you thought it couldn't be done with any more aching beauty than Loss, these Australians came behind them and raised the bar, If i had more time along with the Comorant album it might make me re-think my top metal releases of 2011, the guitar cry out for you to kill your self like sirens from the grave, I love napping to this albums and I mean that In the same way that I used to go to sleep to " Venus in furs " , it makes me want to float off into the after life on a bunch of pills, I can't listen to this album enough

8- Semargl- Satanic Pop Metal - so this does reek of Hot-topic, in some ways it makes me think of if H.I.M had gone black metal, it's metal cotton candy, well made pure sugar

9-Heidevolk- Batavi - just got this one , it rides in ...yes on a wolf , a bigger one than Comorant, a dire wolf straight from Game of thrones and conquerors all the problems of the previous album's production, sounds more polished which in turn makes them sound more epic and that is what they needed.

10- Xiu Xiu- Always- ok it's not metal, but it's dark and bleak, granted electronic and quirky, not too mention the lead singer is flaming as the nine hells but it's good music for those wishing to venture outside of the chugga chugga

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