Saturday, July 9, 2011

Talking bout False

while / is funny , the pedestal the purveyor of this blog sets is pretty high as he decides what metal is and isn't and calls people out for being false like a troll on blabbermouth ...which i am all in favor of . However reading a post on how he discovered metal , i was shocked to hear it was through watching the tv show Ecw Wrestling as an adolescent which would put him between 13 and 19 - tires screech to a halt so going into high school this means you weren't listening to metal ? huh????
i think most ten year olds have a pretty good grasp of what music is and what kind they like - by ten i liked ozzy, kiss, alice cooper , iron maiden, grim reaper and motley crue... you see it was the summer of 1985 right after my 10th birthday that i found out what selling out was when motley crue put out an album call theater of pain and proceeded to stink up the place and open the door for a band of copy cats called poison to further drag the standard down. the imagine of motley crue in pink was wiped out of my mind with in a month when i watched a live broad cast of a re-united black sabbath preform at live -aid . i had waited by the tv all morning for them to come on, so please tell me what metal is.
By the time i was in the 9th grade i had a different king diamond shirt to wear every day of the week and my hair down my back.
which means in 1992 you were listening to rump shaker or pearl jam at best, obviously beavis and butthead was on tv which had tons of metal on it as well as a show called head bangers ball which if you did not watch that while it was on the air ...i think the poseurs are over their listening to high on fire and being ironic as they grow mustaches.
but hey its the internet we can be what ever we wan on here right ??

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