Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Hod : "Book of the Worm"

Members of this blackened Texas metal band have played for GG Allin, so they have plenty of cred. They churn out a blackened brand of metal not unlike newer Inquisition, but with less of the epic Immortal moments. The singer's raps also is not as frog like in it's croak. They are rooted in old school metal as the hook to the chorus of the album's opener proves. They have also listened to a reasonable amount of Morbid Angel. Song's like "Den of Wolves" sound more like death metal to me.. and iI just got finished reviewing the new Cannibal Corpse so I know what I am hearing here.

The vocals take on an interesting gurgle, but they are coherent enough to under stand the lyrics of songs' like "I am Destroyer" , which spits out the post chorus like something Glen Benton would do.There is also a touch of "Fall From Grace" to that one. The drummer is one of the stars of the show here as his double bass rules songs like"Through the Gates".  At this point in the album, while they do vie for the black metal label more incessantly, I can hear both Lemmy and Cronos in the vocals.

In times where black metal bands are releasing four song albums with ten minute songs, these guys are more to the point and by result more in your face. They are trying to rock you not lull you into some sort of ritualistic trance.There is a nasty gallop to "Death Whores" , which is as close to a love song as these guys are going to come.

They are generally pretty straight forward, the mood seems to be singular in purpose of aggression, which lends itself to feeling more like a death metal album, they get plenty blast on songs like "Where Are the Demons". The do lack the dissonance that normally creates what I think of as the black metal sounds when it comes to guitar voicings, opting for more of a thrash approach in this area.The album rides out on the powerful gallop of "Beneath the Mountains of the Scorpion".

I'll give this one an 8, it's stuck with me, if you like really old school blackened death metal with a dirty coat of crust on it then check this one out.

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