Friday, February 15, 2013

Weekly Shuffle

Thnaks for reading we broke 10,000 readers last night, so yeah I'm hitting shuffle of the iPod and reviewing whatever pops up so here we go...

"Intolerance" by Tool, One of the best songs of the nineties, I prefer this one over Sober any day, it influenced for better or worse a slew of imitators who only seemed to grasp the power chords and stacatto shouting rather than the more subtle elements of the bands feel. Now being an enigma looks to be ready to bite them on the ass as now does anyone care if Tool puts out a new album and a whole generation of hipsters rolling their eyes as Tool is so sixth grade.

"Light Sick" - Zola Jesus, this bitch can write a fucking song. Minimalist goth electronica that emerged for what was called the witch house scene, this song never gets old to me as evokes the same emotions as when I first heard, let's hope she isn't selling out on this years album as she has begun to adorne the soundtracks of shows like Greys Anatomy.

"Ruffneck"- Skrillex, yep when I say I give every genre of music a shot that means dub step too. Skrillex is the only and I used the term artist loosely that does anything for me, the song doesn't have. As deep of a robot rumble as some of the more transformers orgies this type of thing does. This was on. My old iTunes and I just just kept it on there in moments like these where it pops up on shuffle its not offense but never sit don't to jam out to this album as a whole either.

" ...And the Great Cold Death of the Earth" by Agalloch, little let down by the one song twenty minute e.p,the whole Faustian echoes thing, their older stuff is incredible, he has a grea clean vocal style , where a lot of folk metal goes into Stonehenge cheese , he keeps the twenty sided dice tucked away. Their lead player is really tasteful despite the pants he can sweep pick the floor with most metal players. I think the mantle and against the grai. Are their two masterpieces and the rock faces off live.

"William it was Really nothing" by The Smiths, of course I get this one sung to me al
The time,it's kinda silly ad on the verge of what I consider to happy, but it's Moz ad the boys so that gives it some staying power" i don't dream about anyone except myself" goes into the list of all time greatest Morrissy

" in Hell I Burn" by Deicide , I don't think this is the strongest song off Legion by the gallop the hit is pretty bad ass, the chorus is like an extension of that and it's like a fuckmhammer fuck for Satan , but these guys along with Morbid Angel, Carcass, Obituary and Death covered all the bases for death metal to follow and no one has really been able to top this shit despite any amount of shredding or improved production value.

"Humdrum and Humble" by Tears for Fears, the guys are one of the greatest non metal bands from the eighties despite their heavy pop leanings, I still put them next to the likes of the Smiths and Cure. Technically a better singer than Morrissey I guess, though the Moz wins out on the power of personality, still theres a great ear for melodies at work here, Raoul and the Kings of Pain is a weird period for them as they began to ventures out of what clearly defined me.

" Cold water" by Damien Rice, Talk about great voices and songwriting, very passionate in what he does. Maybe even more so than Jeff Buckley who is the ghost father to this sort of darker singer writer thing and made it cool to pick up an acoustic in my book, the duets Rice does are an integral side to his albums and provide another element to his story telling.

" the Serpent Tongue" by Pysclon Nine I was surprised when I got these cyber goths a chance , a very heavy element in the scalded cat vocals, though he sounds like he's only fifty pounds , I think it works for their sounds and was just looking for this sort of thing when I found it so that helps their case, the production value is great, they are dark enough for me despite their girlish figures and MySpace fashion sense.

"Isa" by Enslaved , this is why I'm so hard on them for their new album, we don't need another Opeth I'm sick of the one we have. This verse riff rocks like a mother lover. His vocals are perfect, the cleans from the keyboardist don't chew up too much scenery, this was perfect , some make the band go back and listento this song, they played it last time I saw them so it must have only been forgotten their last trip into the studio.

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